1. FrgMstr

    Corsair 280X Micro-ATX Case with AIO in Mind

    Many hardware enthusiasts have been pushing their system footprint into smaller dimensions for a while now as is shown off by this HardForum thread with 14K replies and 2.1M views. Corsair is looking to get in on the game, but has AIO cooling in mind with its new 280X RGB Crystal Series case...
  2. Z

    FS/FT: Asus 280X 3GB/ XFX 290X 4GB Kraken G10 AIO cooled/ i5 750 Combo

    Thanks folks!
  3. noclevername


    Looking to buy a gpu in the $100 to $150 range. Willing to go up to $200 if it's a really good deal, but prefer to not break $150. Heatware under noclevername Paypal Give me price shipped to 80543 Thanks in advance.
  4. K

    FS: 980ti, i7-3770k, p8z77-v pro, Z170X-Gaming 5, NZXT S350, Corsair 250D, Asus DirectCUII Tp R9280X

  5. Tahoe916

    WTB Watercooled GFX Card

    My 5870 2GB Eye 6 card is starting to grow a little long in the tooth. I'm looking for something like a 7970 with a water block to replace it. Let me know what you got and how much shipped to California. I'd like to keep it at about $200. Depends on what you got!