1. M

    Which air cooler to replace the 212?

    Hello all, I'm going to be getting a Ryzen 1500X soon and I'd like to venture into overclocking for the first time and would be aiming to hit 3.9/4.0 providing I get a good chip. I need a replacement for my 212 and would like to stick with air if possible. My question is, which would provide...
  2. FrgMstr

    AMD Ryzen 5 1500X at 4.2GHz

    "Gnarly" Nathan Kirsch looks to have gotten his hand on a premiere example of a Ryzen 5 1500X processor. Or maybe not, maybe all those CPUs will all do 4.2GHz on the right motherboard? What is surely impressive is that he notes 100% system stability. I am not sure exactly if he did any stress...
  3. euskalzabe

    Ryzen 5 build... How do you decide what mobo BRAND?

    I've been reading online to decide on an AM4 motherboard, but advice out there is laughably contradictory. If you don't OC and all you need is to connect your CPU, a mid-range GPU (RX 480 in my case) and a couple sticks of DDR4 (just bought 8GB or Patriot Viper Elite 3200mhz sticks on...