1. L

    WTB AM3+ micro ATX or LGA1155 micro ATX

    Looking for anyone with the above 2 boards. I basically have an Intel H61 board though the GPU is taking up the space where the sata ports are. and I need to be able to hook up 3 sata devices and currently with this board I cant. in the meantime I can manage. Though I have an AM3+ CPU that...
  2. C

    What causes older modern motherboards to fail with boot-loops? p67 ud4

    I'm wrestling with my long-in-the-tooth sandy bridge system going down with a BSOD and, thus far, being unsuccessful at getting through POST. In some ways, the symptoms remind me of how my first Soyo P3 motherboard died from the plague of capacitor industrial espionage of that era, although at...
  3. P

    WTB LGA1155 CPU

    Title says it all. My 3770k is failing and I'm not looking to spend a ton of money upgrading everything when what I have works fine for me needs. Looking a or i5 or i7 k-version 1155 socket CPU. Send over what you have! Cheaper the better. Thanks!
  4. S

    FS: 2500K + 8GB Corsair DDR3 + MSI P67A Motherboard

    Recently upgraded to Ryzen 2600X system and have the parts below available for sale. Old system was running fine no issues. I prefer to sell all parts together but will consider individual offers after. Live in Central Florida (Orlando/Cocoa Beach) if local pickup preferred. CPU:2500K (ran at...
  5. L

    WTB: Low TDP LGA1155 CPUs

    Got what I need. Hi all, I am looking for one or two low TDP (65W or lower) LGA 1155 processors. I am only interested in something listed below, sorted by preference so please no offer for anything else. PM the price if you have one or two to sell. i7 3770T i7 3770S i7 2600S i5 3570T i5 3470T...
  6. Z

    Looking to buy cheap LGA 1155 MB

    PSU went in my 2500k system and looks like it may have taken the MB with it. Looking to replace on the cheap. Let me know what you have and want for it. Thanks
  7. KingerXI

    WTB 500-512GB SSD, 1155 motherboard

    I need a high quality 500-512GB SSD. I prefer Samsung 850 Pro or EVO, or Samsung 840 Pro. Regarding the 1155 motherboard, I prefer micro ATX (mATX), but I am open to other form factors. The board must be in perfect working condition, I/O shield is highly preferred. I can pay non-CC PayPal...
  8. G

    WTB 1155 Motherboard in a Hurry Shipped to TN

    I need an 1155 motherboard that has usb 3.0 and I need it shipped fast, doesn't need to be fancy send me what you have and your asking price shipped to 37312 Thanks
  9. Stormside

    Sold: Intel Core i7-2600 Sandy Bridge 3.4 GHz LGA 1155 $115

    SOLD! Tested then pulled from working system. Asking $115 shipped (US48) 1st class with DC. CPU only. Verified Paypal accepted. Any questions PM me. 32nm Sandy Bridge 95W 8 MB SmartCache 3.4 Ghz/3.8GHz turbo Intel HD Graphics 2000 QUAD Core with Hyper-threading
  10. Stormside

    Sold!: Intel Core i7-3770 Ivy Bridge (1155) 3.4GHz $155 shipped

    Sold! Recently pulled. CPU only. Asking $155 shipped (US48) 1st class mail with DC. Intel® Core™ i7-3770 Processor (8M Cache, up to 3.90 GHz) Specifications Will accept verified PayPal only. Any questions please PM me. Thanks for looking!
  11. P

    WTB LGA1155 matx motherboard, preferably Z77 / Z68

    Open to any 1155 mATX board that can fit one dual slot graphics card and 2 PCIe x1 cards, but preferably a Z series so that I can use my 3570k to it's full extent. PM me your offers. Thanks!
  12. D

    WANTS TO BUY: 1155 Mobo and Memory

    Heat under dirksquarejaw paypal payment PM me for best contact Looking to purchase an 1155 mobo and memory(ddr3 preferred)(combo would be sweet and easy for me) I have the processor already. I DO NOT WANT ASUS BRANDED MOBO. Please don't offer
  13. S

    [WTB] Z77 mATX mobo

    I need a Z77 mATX motherboard to replace a current one which seems to have died. mATX only. Reviews/Feedback for sakerfalcon | HeatWare.com
  14. Stormside

    Sold: Intel Core i7-3770 Ivy Bridge (1155) 3.4GHz $145

    Recently pulled. CPU only. Asking $145 shipped (US48) 1st class mail with DC. Price is firm. Intel® Core™ i7-3770 Processor (8M Cache, up to 3.90 GHz) Specifications Will accept verified PayPal only. Any questions please PM me. Thanks for looking!
  15. R

    Mobo is failing and I want to keep my 2500k, but no socket 1155 boards readily available?

    My current motherboard has been giving me a few troubles lately (a ram stick cracked in half inside the case!) and now only the first 2 ram slots work (which means no dual-channel use). Additionally, my computer is now locking up, especially while gaming. I don't know how this would be related...
  16. Ins0mnyteq

    FS: PS4;RAM,CPU& MB Combo's,,More *Updated 3/6/17*

    close please.
  17. D

    FS: 2500k/1155 mobo/DDR3/MSI 970 gtx/2TB WD ext HDD/Sound Card/SSD

    Heat:dirksquarejaw 94-0-0 Contact: PM Payment: Paypal Shipping from 85029 Everything is OBO Non Smoker home Lot of most of the goodies up for sale Intel 2500k $135.00 plus shipping. price drop from $150.00 Name speaks for itself. I was stable with this chip and mobo above 4.4 under an AIO...
  18. johnj189

    FS: i7 2600K Sandy Bridge 3.4GHz LGA 1155

    Purchased the 2600k on 3/12/2011 from Newegg. Ran on an Asus Sabertooth with a Dark Knight HSF. I never overclocked this chip and simply used the "performance" setting in Asus' EUFI. Never had a single hiccup or problem. I recently upgraded to a whole new build (LGA 1151). This 2600k was never...