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    i7 4790k price are ''falling''

    Not true. Many games scale well beyond 4 threads now.
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    i7 4790k price are ''falling''

    This. The 4790k is still the go-to gaming processor right now. The x99 platform is only really useful if you do CPU intensive productivity work, at which case the 5820k hits a good price/performance breakpoint - 6 cores for ~350, but still a premium for DDR4 and mobo. The 4790k will be...
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    The Official - Haswell-E Overclocking results thread

    Intel added Haswell-E to their performance tuning plan today! Registering my processor now. 3x480 rads ready to cool my 5960x. Just waiting on the mobo and RAM to get here...then it's balls to the wall max stable OC time. I don't really...
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    YMMV - Sennheiser Momentum on-ear $99 in-store Best Buy

    Nice low impedence unlike other sennheiser products. These should make quality sound without a headphone amp. The on-ear design can cause some ear irritation after long use if you're not used to it...but this model looks to have softer padding than what I'm used to - might not even be a...
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    Quality water cooling for 5960X?

    It will, probably up to 4.5/4.6, but not much higher. I didn't want to lose IPC over my 3770k@4.8 with my upgrade, so a heavier OC with a heavier cooling solution is required. :) Competitive pricing. High quality. Performance focused (they generally rank very well in reviews). I have only...
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    Quality water cooling for 5960X?

    The general rule of thumb does not apply to the 5960x, it's not a little quad core. It produces a LOT more heat. I'd say a 360 rad is more the minimum for the 5960x if you want better performance than an AIO cooler. Switching from a 240mm h100 to a 240mm monsta rad custom loop on my OC'd i7...
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    i7 970 vs Xeon X5650

    I've owned two 970s. One still holds steady at 4.2ghz, the other one has degraded and wont hold over 4.0 stable (might have something to do with me putting 1.55v on it with inadequate cooling for a few months). The x5650 is definitely a higher quality chip than the 970. It's the one I'd use...
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    The Offical - Who is buying a Haswell-E 5960X, 5930K or 5820K Thread

    Ah, okay. Well, if you put your 5930k @ 4.2-4.4ghz or so, you'll notice a bump in performance across the board from what you have now. It'll be slight, but the performance benefit will be there, especially in heavy load situations. As far as gaming goes, you'll notice more stable, higher...
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    The Offical - Who is buying a Haswell-E 5960X, 5930K or 5820K Thread

    If your 2600k is pushed to it's maximum, it will have about the same IPC as haswell-E pushed to it's maximum. Unfortunately you will not see a performance increase in most games aside from the heavily multithreaded friendly (battlefield, ARMA). If I wanted a 6-core platform i'd go with the...
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    E-Sports Drawing Big Crowds and Big Money

    E-sports has been steadily growing since I started following it about a decade ago. It used to be a joke like many of you think it is; however you'd be quite silly to brush it off as a simple fad, or something that's not serious. It's a multi-billion dollar industry globally, and the...
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    Movies Have Worst Summer Since 1997

    17.00/ticket (non-imax) in San Diego. Fuck Hollywood. Movies suck compared to almost anything else i can spent my entertainment budget on. This downward spiral will continue for them - they have priced themselves out of the entertainment market in many major cities.
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    Intel Haswell-E Core i7-5960X CPU & X99 Chipset @ [H]

    Correct, let me clarify high clockspeed - anything over ~3.8ghz. The heat output and voltage requirements at that clockspeed would be immense, so immense that it puts it out of reach of even 99% of the enthusiast community based on technical issues if the price itself doesnt do the job. A...
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    No LEDs, board dead?

    I would not buy a used mobo unless I confirm it works first. :) Soooo many different parts that can break. Why would this dude randomly have a motherboard with no CPU paired with it? Smells fishy. My sabertooth z77 has different lights that turn on and off depending on if the CPU/RAM/GPU is...
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    e5-1680v2 would like to get one…

    More level 3 cache (25 vs 20) More RAM support (256gb vs 128gb) ECC Memory support It's a server processor. Its special benefits will be server related. It's not meant to be price competitive with the 5960x.
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    Intel Haswell-E Core i7-5960X CPU & X99 Chipset @ [H]

    Or maybe it's more simple. Maybe SB-E and IB-E sold like crap compared to x58. Intel likes money. Also, the rate of advancement with processor tech is slowing down. This isn't some conspiracy theory - we are hitting the limits of silicon. Each new advancement outside of core count requires...