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    PCIe SSDs Will Overtake SATA in 2019

    Well, some games take a while to load but as I've found out it apparently was not a storage issue. For instance Metro Exodus is now a good example of that. Who would have figured right? Back then I was into MMO's and it did seem like it helped with faster load to a degree but it could be one of...
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    PCIe SSDs Will Overtake SATA in 2019

    I've been on since 2015 but to be honest I haven't found any difference in gaming. In fact, I think I could hardly tell the difference. However for workstation purposes it is absolutely worth it. Same as if you're into video editing. I wouldn't say that until recently it was particularly wroth...
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    All Digital Xbox One S Could Launch May 7

    Back in the day you bought a disc and played however you liked, offline, no problem. Now console games are rushed to sell and are often broken and need massive day one fixes. So pretty much in some cases you get a broken product on that disc and must go online to update. My hunch is that plus...
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    Intel Shows Off Graphics Card Designs at GDC 2019

    While I don't expect much from it, more competition is definitely a dire need to deal with this nVidia price bullshit. Perhaps Intel with their deep pockets has ability to create a competing product, even if not in high end but at least in mid range. More competition is always good for everyone...
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    All Digital Xbox One S Could Launch May 7

    Well, this has been the case with online play activations and the like to curb used sales. As for the digital only, this might not be bad if games cost less or at least go on sale often like Steam. Pretty much nearly all games need massive day one downloads anyway so the whole disc/offline play...
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    Health Apps Sell User Data

    AFAIK these are not considered *real* health apps and their data isn't accepted/used by doctors. I don't think HIPAA can apply to these, thought it probably should if it does collect any meaningful info that can be linked to a person.
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    MSI Expected to Overtake Samsung in the Curved Monitor Market

    It does work fine but at work I've seen many with sleep issues. Personally I just didn't want to invest any money into an old monitor so this was my excuse to get a new one. Wife didn't mind the new monitor as it is better for photos and has a much smaller desk footprint (I have it mounted on a...
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    MSI Expected to Overtake Samsung in the Curved Monitor Market

    Haha, I was using 3007WFP as well. But final video card upgrade removed DVI port and I figured it was time for it to go as I didn't want to purchase an active DP adapter. I was reasonably happy with its picture quality but it did dim over the years. It was hard to me to just get rid of it...
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    Atari VCS Is Powered by 14nm AMD Ryzen APU with Radeon Vega Graphics

    Yeah, I was hoping for an emu box but these are way too expensive. I highly doubt it will be anywhere close to a Shield in terms of price. I you look up the recent crop of AMD Ryzen SOC such as a V1000, mobo alone is something like $350. That Smach Z console that many consider vapor is in a...
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    Atari VCS Is Powered by 14nm AMD Ryzen APU with Radeon Vega Graphics

    I recall seeing somewhere these are going to be as much as $1K in higher end configuration. I guess this is plausible given what Intel asks for their NUC Extreme. IMHO, it is too much for what you get unless you just gotta have a small device for some reason.
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    Logitech M185 and Other Mice are Vulnerable to Keystroke Injection

    Yeah, battery life hasn't been a problem for a while. I have a pair of Logitech MX Revolution mice (rechargeable wireless) and a more basic one with a single AA battery. Rechargeable easily last close to a month with pretty heavy regular use. The other mouse with AA battery lasts even longer...
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    MSI Expected to Overtake Samsung in the Curved Monitor Market

    At that rate you will never upgrade. I was going the same route a while back with my Apple 20" Aluminum HD Cinema monitor (1680x1050). I had replaced it with a 30" Dell UltraSharp (2560x1600) and now 32" LG 4K in my sig. That Apple monitor still kicks around and I used it as a test display when...
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    Google GDC 2019 Gaming Announcement

    To be fair, it should remain to be seen what they really can pull off and for how much. It is unlikely to replace real hardware due to latency but if it works fairly well, it would be a good addition so people who cannot afford a gaming box or travel could play without a gaming box...
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    Not All RTX 2080s are Created Equal

    Pretty much, they should have kept adding M to the mobile versions. Though, I guess these are indeed close to desktop than older mobile parts which not only had lower clock speed but also fewer cores. AFAIK these all have the same number of cores for equivalent model but in some cases...
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    All Myspace Data Before 2016 is Gone

    This really should apply to any free service. I'm surprised myspace is even around still, haven't heard about it for ages. Not a big loss. lol