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    Samsung 980 PRO

    I read rumors that Intel is supposed to finally release 2nd gen optane SSDs, which are supposed to be pcie 4. I'd love to pick one up for a boot drive as well.
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    Samsung 980 PRO

    Too bad no plans for a 2tb pro, the 960 pro 2tb was a nice (if expensive) option when it was new.
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    Intel insider claims it finally lost Apple because Skylake QA 'was abnormally bad'

    Thanks for adding that info, sounds like they have the right guys to make it happen. Yeah, intel was coasting for years with their 4 core lineup. Plus, as Apple, how could you even believe Intel's roadmap and trust their ability to deliver, after the repeated failures with 10nm, security issues...
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    Intel insider claims it finally lost Apple because Skylake QA 'was abnormally bad'

    Apple lost the plot on the professional laptop market when they dropped to only 4 USB C ports on the MPB around 2015. Sure it looked neat and the ports had high bandwidth, but who wants to have to carry around a sack of adapters when you go to a meeting etc. Too bad as before the retina macbooks...
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    3dfx Voodoo5 6000 Revival

    I ran a G400 Max, really loved that card
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    Intel launches its 10th gen Comet Lake CPUs - breaks world record in soldier numbers (possibly)

    Wow, that makes sense. Intel inventing new ways to scumbag it up. I was wondering why all with all these new laptops coming out with high end gpus, haven't seen one with the new AMD chips. I was also hoping to see something like a Lenovo x1 carbon extreme with a Ryzen 6 or 8 core proc and oled...
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    Noctua violates PWM Spec, Causes Problems in Multi-Fan Configs

    Thanks for the reply, I will be watching this. I imagine it was frustrating figuring out what was wrong. I wish they would walk back this change. I have been using a aquaero 6 with pwm splitters for rad fans as well. I don't understand the need for "protection" on fans either?
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    Noctua violates PWM Spec, Causes Problems in Multi-Fan Configs

    This is a real bummer. I have used noctua alot in the past, and didn't expect this. I was planning on getting a bunch of the black nf a12s whenever those are finally released. I did a quick search and didn't find anywhere else talking about it. When you talked to support did they indicate if...
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    128-Core AMD Epyc Rome Server Tear-Down

    In that video he mentions he was able to overclock it, any ideas how? I thought it wasn't possible to overclock the Rome epyc cpus.
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    Nvidia Creates New Studio To Remaster Classic Games With Raytracing

    How amazing would the OG thief games be, since lighting is a huge part of the game.
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    Intel 900p Optane ...WOW

    Apparently they are planning gen 2 optane ssds after all, sometime in the future, found this recent article Edit to add, the slide in the article only mentions datacenter products, but hopefully that would mean consumer ones...
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    Intel 900p Optane ...WOW

    Finally built a new system for the wife, and used one of those 900p 280gb cards that was on sale when I picked it up last year. Was able to sell the star citizen code and bring the cost of the drive to around 220$ from memory. The optane drive really does make for a snappy system drive, it is...
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    The Anti-Cheat System Is Broken in Battlefield V

    One of things that was great about old school shooters where you could run private servers. You end up playing with guys you know, and admins can ban cheaters.
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    Quantum3D Mercury brick

    NIce job , that makes for a killer retro setup
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    Intel Announces a Hybrid Optane M.2 SSD

    I picked up Primocache after reading about it in the forums here. It made a noticeable difference for me as well, even in my system with a nvme ssd for the OS. Would love to see what it would do with Optane as well.