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    Time Sync from primary DC

    any easier approach? Whats the significance of net time command showing the domain controller? When I run it, its looking at the correct server which makes me think you could just force all pcs to look at it again. Is there a command I can run one time just to resync with this server...
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    Time Sync from primary DC

    Our time has been off for quite some time. Finally got around to resyncing the primary DC, and that looks to be good now. What is the best approach to get all users/systems updated? I want to push out this updated time. A reboot doesent do it cmd command that I already forgot did do...
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    God i love this game (GTAIV)

    haha, glad to here im not the only one. I think this is what makes me want to play it everyday, the fact that there is so much to do. need some more time to play it. Last weekend, 2 buddys came over, had some beers while switching back and forth just messing around in game. Well worth my...
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    Must have PS3 games for a newbie?

    Only game so far but im loving it. GTA IV
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    God i love this game (GTAIV)

    Played some more last night, think im at 9 percent. Still a great game, but man, these missions need to get switched up a bit. Pick up, drop off. Pick up, drop off. Problem is im progressing so slowly because i find myself wandering off and killing people instead of doing the missions...
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    BF: bad company screenshots and video I took

    Downloaded off ps3 last night. (Sick feature btw). I did not really like it at all, and i am a hugeee fan of the battlefield series. Im guessing because this is my first console, and i could never see myself getting use to using a controller for any fps like action. Graphics looked pretty...
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    BF: bad company screenshots and video I took

    looks pretty good. So i can get this off ps3? (Just bought it) I go on the store correct, and i can browse demos im assuming?
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    God i love this game (GTAIV)

    I just picked up a ps3 and this game. First off, ps3 is sick. This is my first console and im loving it so far. As for GTA, amazing. Im at 7 or 8 percent, and while ill admit the missions are very similar thus far, i cant not wait for some of the later stuff. Maybe because I know what it...
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    CoD4 [H] clan startup

    +1 12341
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    Best deal on PS3?

    (no, but will be watching this thread..been looking for one for a while now, its hard to get a good deal on consoles)
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    FREE Shick Quattro

    just got mine, i wish you guys can see me standing at my mailbox thinking wtf am i getting a free razor? ohhhhhhhhhhhhh [h] haha too funny.
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    Final essay in comp ethics, could use input

    aww found this too late. Just handed my 16 pager for my computer ethics class, B+ paper. Could of sent it to ya, haha. Kidding. Good topic tho, mine dealt with internet dependence. Hope yours went well
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    evga Customer Service

    Never had an experience with evga, but I did have to RMA a BFG video card. (The card was prob about 2 years old) No questions asked, they said sorry for the card overheating, I had a new card at my house in a few days. Oh, btw. The new card was not the same. It was one worth 100 bucks...
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    Best External Hard Drive?

    I do not buy any hd other an Seagate. Too many bad experiences with others, especially Maxtor and HD. I have my internal hd (Seagate), and my external 500 gig (Seagate) and love it. Goes to sleep after a few mins of non usage, works great. Quiet. Fast startup. No complaints. Has all...
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    Wired vs Wireless mouse? What's your vote & why?

    Wireless..I enjoy changing my batteries every other week, and having the receiver about a foot away. Come to think of it, I think its time to upgrade. My logitech wireless combo is from high school about 6 years ago. Kind of funny considering they are hooked up to a top of the line system I...