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    500W FlexATX PSU

    Possible solution - included cable is short or shorter but comes with an extension. This extension in bulk should not add a lot of cost and users are free to use their own extensions of course. It is not ideal due to extra bulk of the two extra plugs and general stiffness of 24pin cables, but...
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    DAN A4-SFX: The smallest gaming case in the world

    I don't disagree with having multiple tiers but following the cookie cutter crowdfund levels with crapy like stickers and shirts cheapens the case and campaign (in my opinion of course). The cerberus was very well produced and presented and they are offering freaking stickers, coffee cups etc...
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    Corsair SF600 600w SFX Powersupply

    Well the 700W one is SFX-L and the corsair one is SFX. I prefer the smaller SFX size if their fan is not too loud under load. The 700W one will probably be super quiet as you'll only be drawing around half that with any single GPU card, under load. Combined with a larger fan too.
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    Silverstone SX700-LPT 700W Platinum SFX-L

    I'm very curious how they tested, or how PSUs are tested before release (aside from normal testing). Does any real world testing get done? Does anyone even do that with PSUs? Like beta testing for hardware.
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    New sub 10L itx case, SilverStone RVZ02!!!

    Limitation of the shape. Recessed plugs if possible but another idea would be plugs that extend on a short cable. Would look a bit ugly if you're using sleeved cables (due to a plug hanging there) but it would not matter for most ultra SFF cases and custom designs. It means you can angle and...
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    Custom SFF PC Packs 10 TFlops of Performance featuring AMD Nano.

    @Saper that looks like a cut down SFX version of the CM elite 110.
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    DAN A4-SFX: The smallest gaming case in the world

    The url should be
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    Anyone have the release date or ballpark estimate for the Corsair SF600?

    Well a quarter is 3 months. It could come at the start of october or end of the year (essentially the start of 2016). I am betting later than sooner. My expectations are basically january 2016 to buy and receive one.
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    Best SFF ATX

    Smallest ATX case.. sounds like a fun challenge.
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    SFF build advice needed

    PC part picker only collects items and shows you prices at various stores (if you're still wondering). You'll have to order from the stores themselves, but on PC part picker you can choose a single store to get more accurate pricing and do other things.
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    500W Platinum FSP FlexATX PSU >1000w/Litre

    I'm not fussed either way really, SFF builds usually don't show off internals as much as a windowed tower. If they will charge more to adapt for black cables then it's not worth it.
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    SFF build advice needed

    Liquid cooling for an i5 4460 is just.. You also forgot the case. Otherwise it's not a bad build. I would swap for a cheaper R9 280 though. Case options: SG13 over the SG05, RVZ01/RVZ02/FTZ01, FT03 mini, Elite 130.
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    500W Platinum FSP FlexATX PSU >1000w/Litre

    I think all black is better. It far outweighs the convenience to people who want to mod that cable, which would be a small percentage in any case. I actually got a reply from FSP and replied with a brief explaination of the current situation.
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    Help needed in designing my own ITX gaming case

    Using the same mobo, GPU and PSU position does not make it "95%" the same. It is not patented and the execution is what sets cases apart.