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  • Hi Tony,
    Thanks for letting me know you got the card! I only have one dedicated folder running with two cards and a low-TDP CPU (the rig pulls about 183-187 watts depending on the WU), and another part-time rig that folds when I'm using it. In any case, I hope you enjoy the card as we Fold on! :)
    Card arrived on Tuesday Mar 12. Box was slightly beat up and open (popped thru the tape) but contents all OK. LOL putting in the driver disk was overkill ! A quick blast with canned air and it's putting out 17K ppd for the orde. I'll run it as such until its no longer feasible or cost effective to do so whereupon it will probably be donated to a needy client. I have a business acquaintance here in Vancouver who locates needy folks and I refurbish old PC's and we give them to charity, our bit of 'paying it forward'. If the card survives to this stage it will be given freely. Thanks again. Fold ard for the cause. Tony
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