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    Torturing yourself with blank keycaps?

    First thing I did after I got my current board (Ducky Shine 3 with blacks IIRC) was get blank key caps. I've typed for so long that I don't need to look at the keys. I can type accurately in pretty much any position, including laying on my side in bed. Also blanks keep people from using my...
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    2016 4k TVs suitable for movies and gaming?

    I think your only options are Vizios M/P series (not sure about the others, they might do 120 natively) and Sony's models which about half do 120hz. Both have their limitations, read up on rtings to see what works for you, but I think the Vizio P series is the best rated of the bunch and...
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    2016 4k TVs suitable for movies and gaming?

    If you're not looking for a 65" the KS8000 should be within your budget. It's a fantastic set. Game mode will disable the processing effects so no 120hz (but 20ms input lag, some of the lowest you'll find on a TV) but it honestly doesn't bother me. 4K /HDR looks beautiful. The upscaling is...
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    27" 2k monitor sale 189$ newegg flashsale

    Thanks OP, bit on the 24".
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    Need info on 55''-65" 4K monitors or TV's doing great monitor duty

    Despite the KS8000 being edge lit, if you don't need the backlight turned up all the way the blacks can still get very black. I was surprised with my set. Rtings also mentions that these sets produce some of the best blacks short of the Vizio's 2016 P series with FALD (which is recommended for...
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    Samsung KS8000 vs Vizio P (65)?

    Disclaimer: I just got my KS8000 this week and didn't see either in person prior to buying. These were the two TVs I was looking at buying and the rtings review swayed me toward the KS8000 as I typically watch a wide variety of media (from 480p-4k), game, and our living room has some to a lot...
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    Anyone has Samsung KS 8000/8500 setup guide?

    I used rtings calibration settings when I got mine today. They look great IMO. You can find em here.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    Ah, well you've got a better view of it than me :p but if it is riveted on they're pretty easy to work with. Drill it out, do your business, then pop a new one in with a rivet tool. I've got one almost identical to this one. I've used it on LL A05s to route the power cable behind the mobo tray.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    I can't find any close up pics but it looks riveted on. Might have to try and fish it out with something thin or just pop the rivets out and then reattach it when you're done.. Have you worked with rivets before?
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    Are You Jumping Ship?

    Switched from a 2gb Powercolor 7870+ to a Gigabyte 1070. I would have been fine staying with AMD if they had released a high end competitor. Thinking about going to a 1080 now.
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    Anyone else a 1st-time bleading-edge GPU buyer because of the 1080?

    I was going to but I couldn't get my hands on one. Ended up with a 1070 which has been good so far, but I'm still thinking about upgrading. I could use a little more power for this 34" ultra wide screen.
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti $409.99 on newegg ebay

    That's $10 more than my 1070 was lol. Thought about going for a 980ti now that prices are gonna drop but the power savings with the new cards are nice since they're similar in performance. Should have better resale value later too making my next upgrade easier.
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    The OFFICIAL post pics of your SFF thread...

    Sweet, thanks! (y)
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    The OFFICIAL post pics of your SFF thread...

    Very nice setup! What case is that?