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    So if you were told to put together a Toolkit for a data center...

    Long-reach locking forceps (don't remember the "official" term for them).
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    Monitoring temps

    I'm having an issue that I think is heat related but would like to make sure before I plop down a bunch of money on a new cpu-cooler(s). Running ESXi5.1 on a Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 with an AMD FX-8320, 32gb RAM. NO overclocking. Last night I was copying some 100+gb to datastores for a project...
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    Which version is most stable?

    Due to a number of reasons, I have had my home lab down and out for quite some time. Now that things are stabilizing for the family, I feel that it is time to bring it back. BUT, what version should I use? I have licenses for these (as well as the associated updates): 5.0, 5.1, 5.5, & 6.0...
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    Best way to bring Wifi into RV?

    Let me make sure I got this down. - Nanostation to grab the signal - An AirMax to bring down into the RV/Motorhome. In effect, I would be creating a wireless bridge, kinda like a microwave setup, eh? Questions: Would I still need the WRT54G to provide the WiFi in the motorhome (I have 2...
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    Best way to bring Wifi into RV?

    Currently living/working in our RV while we are looking for a new home. Most RV parks have WiFi which works for my purpose IF I am outside. Once I step into the RV it is like stepping into a Faraday cage, i.e., the signal strength drops to almost useless levels. What I'd like to be able to...
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    Cisco Network and Switch for CCNA Practice

    Turns out I'm looking for a couple of routers and switch for a home lab myself. Ebay looks attractive but having a hard time navigating whether or not the boxes come with the IOS or not. Almost all the ones I've looked at say "Tested and in working condition" but no mention of what version...
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    Best use for a bunch of SATA drives?

    I'm curious as to the make/model of the 6-port SATA controller. Also,Dalfo002, I'd love to know where to find these 1068e cards you are talking about for $30 or less. All I've found so far are $50-200. Red Squirrel, you hit it on the head. Treating these drives as tapes is exactly how I'm...
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    Best use for a bunch of SATA drives?

    I have come into possession of a bunch of SATA drives ranging in size from 160gb to 2tb. Specifically: 2 - 160gb 1 - 300gb 3 - 400gb 1 - 320gb 1 - 500gb 1 - 2tb At the moment I'm using them as backup-media, i.e., plugging them into a spare power-supply and an eSATA, mounting them...
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    Backing up my Datastore

    Let me state right up front that I'm NOT interested in backing up VMs (at this moment anyway). I build and tear down VMs in my home lab a lot. What I am interested in backing up, as efficiently as possible, is my Datastore of ISOs that I use to build the VMs with. I have about 400gb worth...
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    Free version of Vcenter / Vcenter Appliance ??

    Very true. AND, history does repeat itself--especially in the tech world where the executives who make the decisions have very short memories and whose ego will always get in the way. Bill W
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    Free version of Vcenter / Vcenter Appliance ??

    Danswartz interpreted my question correctly. So if I don't need to move to HWv10 I'm okay--for the moment. I get that. And, in my case that should not be necessary for another couple of years so I'm ok with staying with ESXi 5.1. But I do see handwriting on the wall becoming more legible and...
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    Free version of Vcenter / Vcenter Appliance ??

    Maybe I should start another thread for this but I guess it is ok to hijack my own topic. ;) Simple question: Does this (the release of ESXi 5.5 and no free Vcenter) signal the beginnings of end of "free" VMware? Should I start looking into VirtualBox or other platforms? Bill W
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    Free version of Vcenter / Vcenter Appliance ??

    Kinda figured that might be the case (no free Vcenter) and that I might have to use the eval copy. DID NOT know, however, that it would not work with the free version of ESXi. That was a bit of a surprise, but kinda makes sense if I stare at the wall long enough. :eek: Thanks...
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    Free version of Vcenter / Vcenter Appliance ??

    I would like to see what all the hub-bub is about with regards to Vcenter. I have the free version of ESXi5.1 (U1 I believe). But everytime I try to get a copy of VCSA I get a message that basically says, "I'm not worthy". Is there a version of Vcenter/Vcenter Appliance that is free and if...
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    Bring ESXi vm into VMworkstation?

    Well, this is weird. :eek: I knew about the "Export OVF template" command but when I to use it several days ago, it was grayed out--unselectable. I just figured that was because of my using the free version of ESXi. So today, I tried it again. I CAN select it now. :confused: I did...