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    LG 38GL950G - 37.5" 3840x1600/G-Sync/175Hz

    The RGB lights up, but no picture
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    LG 38GL950G - 37.5" 3840x1600/G-Sync/175Hz

    Mine arrived DOA 😭
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    What was your least favorite graphics card?

    Agree with the 480--the only GPU I have ever returned. Ended up doing bios flashed 6950's in Crossfire for a comparable price.
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    Bad News for AMD owners with Metro: Last Light

    the game runs like trash, fps is all over the place, average is like 20 in some places, i have 2 overclocked 6970s in CFX, this is at 1080p.
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    Large jump from HD 6950 2gb to GTX 660TI?

    Can you shader unlock and oc to 6970 speeds? You will get a tangible performance gain from this.
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    AMD Crossfire a scam - Almost no benefit over single card

    Yeah this is a good point. I haven't had issues using CFX and my 72 Hz display in most games except crysis 3 (which I framelimit to 50fps and it still feels pretty smooth...the animations are good in this game or something idk). yes, your minimum framerate needs to be above the limit that you...
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    AMD Crossfire a scam - Almost no benefit over single card

    man use a framelimiter like the one built into radeonpro, you will not get choppy gameplay and a LOT more performance (varies by title obv.)
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    Good time to buy an i7-3770k?

    totally worth it. I got like 16gb crucial ram for like $75 too. microcenter is pretty solid
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    no crossfire on crysis 3?

    i feel like 1 of your cards might not be utilized. I avg about 60 fps with most things maxed (not object detail because of graphical glitches), no AA with a pair of 6970s.
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    Portal 2 for 29.99 at bestbuy

    i bought it at this price during the gamestop sale... definitely worth it, this game owns
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    Netflix on android... finally

    works perfect on nexus S w/ 2.3.4, very glad they came out w/ this finally for android
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    Amazon 10 Days of Deals (digital downloads)

    Dang I want to try crysis 2 but my backlog is outta control :(
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    Direct2Drive 30 Days of Deals (updated daily)

    i thought AVP was horrible, just my opinion
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    Grand Theft Auto IV (PC) $5.00

    you say that like it would be rare to find someone on these boards w/ a high end pc...