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    Which brand of MB maker has the best on board Fan Control

    If you go online to read some manual of gigabyte boards(for example GA-970A-UD3 or Z68MA-D2H-B3, you will see that the 4th pin of the CPU fan is PWM speed control. But sys_fan 4th pin is "reserved", meaning it has no function at all. Aside from the cpu fan, all other fan header only has voltage...
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    MSI 970A-G46 supports SLI ??

    970 chip can surely do CF. But I understand your concern since states that 970 chip does not support SLI. However, MSI says it does. I would rather believe in MSI. If it really doesn't work call up MSI for complain for false advertisement...
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    Best Card in CrossFire/SLI in PCIe x16 & x4

    My z68 motherboard running i5 2500k only have PCIe x16 and PCIe x4 lanes. I want to do crossfire/sli. I know that doing CF/SLI with x16 & x8 is "okay" since not all GPU benefit from x8 to x16. My question is in my setup, (x16 & x4) what's the best card to do CF/SLI without suffering...
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    Which brand of MB maker has the best on board Fan Control

    I had an asus Motherboard and it worked just like my Gigabyte. The gigabyte has 4 pin header and their own fan controlling software too(the owner manual confirm that the 4th pin is just there, doing nothing). However, I am afraid that asus also just has a fake 4 pin and it doesn't work. Or as...
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    Which brand of MB maker has the best on board Fan Control

    Thank you for your suggestion. I was looking too and I like the Kaze Fan controller. The Scythe Kaze Master Pro seems to be a great choice too!. But both of these only has 1A per channel. Can't daisy chain much fan if needed. I am currently running 6 in my case already :) But again, thank you.
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    Which brand of MB maker has the best on board Fan Control

    I agree!! I wish fan controlling can be implemented nicely on MB. It just seems to be like a such easy task but extremely helpful. Thanks for the heads up and I did like Abit MBs. Sad that they don't manufacture consumer MB anymore.
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    I'm feeling worried about the 78XX cards

    I just hope that I can 3way CF the 7870.
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    Would it be ridiculous to pair a 7970 with Q6600?

    Or.....wait for Ivy bridge + GTX600 series. ;)
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    28nm Patience Game

    I am almost losing the game!!
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    From 2x 570's to 1x 7970. Could NOT be happier.

    I think microstuttering is completely gone in 3way CF(6990 counts as 2 :)).
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    Upgrade to 580 or wait for 600 series?

    I really hope that's true and also the claimed 40% improvement over the competition.
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    Which brand of MB maker has the best on board Fan Control

    On my GA-Z68MA-USB3 matx board. The case fan 4 pin header can not read/control correct fan speed. I read the manual, it said the the 4th pin is reserved(it means it's not working) so even though I plug a pwm fan in, it's not controlling the speed. On my GA-880GA board, it say the case fan 4...
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    ASUS Crosshair V Formula AMD AM3+ Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Will there be a new chip set for piledriver? Or getting the 990fx should be okay.