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    Scratch built large all-in-one case

    how much time did it take to put that together?
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    The 2015 Post Pics Of Your Rig Thread!

    yeah ,I'm sorta curious about the 2nd sli bridge?
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    X99 Classified Issue

    as of now ,mine is doing ok,,no problems
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    X99 Advice

    I'm interested in seeing how this turns out,,
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    I thought Win 10 was a free upgrade?

    privacy? is there such a thing anymore?
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    5820K WITH H100i

    corsair did issue a firmware update for that pump
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    Twitch Users?

    finishing up my new build and maybe gonna give it a shot
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    Best Gaming / Office chair?

    have you considered the dxracer chairs?
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    practicing my skills on rocket league
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    How long do UPS batteries usually last?

    5 years and going strong
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    Which powersupply would you choose?

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    Recommend me a power supply

    EVGA all the way
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    psu issue

    nah cant do that,, im not the original owner, and the previous owner changed out the fan on it so its been opened,,,might be headed to scrap pile