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    [Hot] PowerColor HD 7870 MYST. Ed. 2GB + Bioshock & Tombraider - $209 (no rebate!)

    Still out of stock at Newegg and now Tiger. Superbiiz has both cards without rebates but with $10 code LUCKYVID to get free shipping and it comes with the game bundle. Amazon has the Sapphire with rebate and game bundle.
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    “Aporkalypse” Bacon Shortage Sends Twitter Into A Panic

    It isn't the interwebs love of bacon. Bacon is a precious gift from God to all mankind.
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    Why Do Not Track is Worse Than a Miserable Failure

    Sho nuff. It's also pretty easy to not mingle your digital life with your physical life. If you're not down with that, maybe you shouldn't be on the intarnets. There's no law against private citizens tracking private citizens once they leave their house. I see no reason why there can't be a...
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    100 Browser Based Nintendo 8-bit Games

    Yes, the controls make it hard to play... wonder why they just didn't use WASD?
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    Publishers Accused of Trying to Exploit Kickstarter

    And nobody checked out the project Obsidian has on Kickstarter? Old school RPG fans want to back that project!
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    Stupid Google Street View Criminal of the Day

    Dis right CHEER. I drink tons and don't smoke nuthin' but the drug war has killed more people and put more in prison than were enslaved in America when it was legal. Seriously though (if that's possible in this thread), I shared this on my Youface page as soon as I found it just because it was...
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    BioWare Co-Founders Retire

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    Nearly One-Fifth of the U.S. Can’t Watch Online HD Video

    I'm sure that the FCC will continue to work hard to remedy this problem. The solution will involve taxes, I'm sure, just as they brought telephone service and electricity to the poor souls out in the boondocks who absolutely had to have these modern miracles to survive.
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    Paypal’s New Direction: Helpful or Hypeful

    Glad damicatz made the point so I didn't have to. Asking for Gaypal to be treated like a bank is only validating their unethical practices by codifying them into law and handing them even more power through their connections with those "regulators." Just like the banks, they'll have Congress...
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    Once Cars Can Talk, What Will They Say About Us?

    Guaranteed way to ruin this tech and make cars more expensive at the same time: NHTSA mandate.
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    Kim Dotcom Helicopter Chase?

    Who gives a crap what that fat tub of grease posts?
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    Court Affirms $675K Penalty In Music-Downloading Case

    I'd say all of them should be responsible. Those who use stolen credit cards are as guilty as those who steal credit card numbers and post them on the webs or sell them to those people.
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    Court Affirms $675K Penalty In Music-Downloading Case

    At first, I thought this fine was outrageous at well. However, he shared it. He made potentially millions of more infringements possible, depriving the rights-holders of potentially millions of dollars in profits. It's not a grey area at all. He definitely deserves more than simply replacing...
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    Windows 8 Might Not Be Sold in Stores

    Good. Retail copies were horrendously overpriced anyway.