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    NEED HELP! New computer wont show video or post

    ok found out it was one stick of ram that was bad.
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    NEED HELP! New computer wont show video or post

    ive taken all the ram out, the video card out and still no sounds or beeps. ram out with vid card in i get no beeps, no video. i hear the hard drive and stuff working tho
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    NEED HELP! New computer wont show video or post

    i just upgraded and got all new part except HD and DVDR and monitor. i've installed everything correctly i think but the computer wont post or show video on first startup. mobo: ASUS m2r32-mvp video: EVGA 9600GT ram: 2x 1gb OCZ gold antec case and 380w antec PSU AMD 5000+ with stock...
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    critique this build yet again

    ok thanks. im probably gonna go with enginurd's parts then. the shipping would kill me to go with a smaller case. is there anyone you can help find the equivalent parts to enginurd's build at mwave so i can pick up? i can find some of the parts but the mobo doesnt have exact matches.
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    critique this build yet again

    something like this but will it fit the mobo and the gfx card and all that stuff?
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    critique this build yet again

    nm i cant even find the same items there so ill just order from newegg. one change tho, is it possible to change to a smaller case that will fit all the other items?
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    critique this build yet again

    that looks good, ill probably go with those. ill be ordering from mwave cause i can just go pick it up so ill try to find the equivilant over there.
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    critique this build yet again

    im thinking about upgrading my computer. it's currently 4 years old and getting real laggy n slow. i dont game or anything that requires intensive CPU power. i mostly use the desktop for storage, web browsing, music(important), and watching movies. i would hope with an upgrade, i would be able...
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    my E drive is really messed up

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    wow if youre gonna buy a ps3 on ebay, buy it from this guy

    look at the story of how he got his
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    Logitech x-530 vs. Z-5300E vs. Z-5500

    i currently have X-530's and want to upgrade. i found the z-5300Es to be $80 after rebate and it seems like a really good deal. question is, should i upgrade to the 5300s or save up for the 5500s? is there that much difference between x530s and 5300s? i know the satellites are the same between...
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    Maxtor DiamondMax 10 300GB 16mb NCQ SATA $145 shipped (no mir) has 320gb SATA WD drive for $139 shipped with no MIR ($115 with $25 MIR)
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    Pretty Hot for out the door 200Gig Maxtor 8meg cache IDE for $69

    went to the store today and they said the instore $70 was over and you gotta order online. ordered online and it's backordered. anyone know if you can PM this at best buy or something?
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    using 2 soundcards at same time thru winamp?

    i got a new pair of cheap 5.1 speakers in addition to a pair of 2.1s. now i have 2 soundcards, onboard and an AV710 PCI soundcard. i was wondering if i could use both soundcards through winamp? i know its possible because ive played the same song at the same time through winamp(using onboard)...
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    Hot deal? get paid to keep a browser open

    macro magic i think you can do that