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    SILVERSTONE TJ08E - New MicroATX Case

    Is the CS330 actively being sold in any markets? I remember it being the exact TJ08-E chassis, except with 3x 3.5" hotswap bays as default into the 2x 5.25" slots. I assume it has all of the revisions mentioned above.
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    Is Asus the only company that has swappable switches on their mice?

    Usually when this question comes up elsewhere I see someone mention that Asus has a patent on the socket design - I haven't verified that myself, but they've been using it for quite some time and no one else has bothered, so its potentially true. Another consideration is most brands are...
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    Installing paracord cable on a ASUS ROG Chakram Core

    You may find you actually like that the cord is rigid with a bungee, as it may be easier to shape the cord and keep it off the pad as a result. Either way, it's overall a positive to have one. I'd suggest looking into the Pulsar Micro Bungee, Esports Tiger Lunar Dial, Zowie Camade V2, Razer V2...
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    8k mouse

    Few games properly support 8Khz, and when there's problems it can manifest as a jerky/laggy feel - you may need to drop back down to 1000/2000hz for them to see if it corrects it.
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    Cerberus (uATX) - air cooling (tower)

    I have the Cerberus-X (same width, just taller to be ATX) and have used the Scythe Fuma Rev.B (dual tower) and C14S (top down). Which one works better is dependent on side panel choice (vented vs glass/solid) and the type of cooler your GPU has. Both will be fine with the 7700K (so will the...
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    Best cooler for 9900k, that 57mm or shorter?

    I used a DS380 years ago and was able to fit a U12S and U14S on an Asrock E3C226D2I with the hard drive cage in - the position of the CPU socket on the motherboard you select will dictate if it's possible. Silverstone doesn't mention this as it isn't officially supported. I still had my photos...
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    Looking for a high end ATX case.

    P600S might be a decent option too, can compare that against the Evolv X.
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    Looking for a high end ATX case.

    I own and use the Cerberus-X (ATX version) for my main rig for 2 years now - my M1 V1 became server. Biggest coolers that fit the Cerberus/Cerberus X are the Scythe Fuma Rev. B - 149mm dual tower, and the Nocuta C14S top-down cooler. Ignore the Fuma 2 - at 155mm it won't fit. The Fuma Rev B. and...
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    Looking for a high end ATX case.

    The regular O11 Dynamic cannot fit an NH-D15. The XL and Mini can. The O11 Mini is the newest in the lineup, is 42L and can fit ATX motherboards and cpu coolers up to 170mm. SFX PSU only, but if your last build was an M1 there's a good chance you already have that and can carry it over. Just to...
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    What new display type are you looking for in 2021?

    I just swapped to 27" 2560x1440 240hz IPS (Acer-XV272U Xbmiipruzx) from my 5 year old XB271HU (27" 2560x1440 144hz IPS). I love the 240hz, but I'm finding the wide gamut nature of the monitor jarring. I just swapped to SRGB colourspace via the OSD and so far seems far closer to what I was used...
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    ATX vs mATX vs ITX

    The KI Cerberus is potentially the best example of how irrelevant mATX has become over the past ~3 years, as the original Cerberus mATX design was overshadowed by the Cerberus-X ATX - an "accidental" variation that was clearly the better option as soon as drafts of it were shown in the Cerberus...
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    Razer Viper Ultimate

    I'm loving the Ultralight 2 that I've been using but I'm still intrigued by both the G Pro Wireless and Viper Ultimate in terms of cutting the cord completely. I might go with the G Pro Wireless when it has a reasonable sale here in Canada, just because I've already tried the regular Viper and I...
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    Glorious Model 0

    The hump on the MM710 will make the biggest difference in feel between itself and the Model O-, and will be a fully subjective preference based on how a person grips the mouse. The G305 will feel more similar to the MM710 in that regard. Besides that, the MM710 has a far better cable, a better...
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    Razer Viper Ultimate

    Not quite appropriate for the "What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?" thread so making a new one here. This is the wireless version of the Viper. At 74g, that's quite good considering the wired is 69g. The Logitech G Pro wireless is 80g by comparison...
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    I've tried 4 of the 6 "ultralights" (MM710/ Model O-/ Model O/ Viper), and I do like the Viper the most thus far, with the MM710 second. I didn't expect to like the Viper so much, but the excellent mouse wheel and overall shape worked best for me. I like the rubberized sides as well, as it...