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    How long have you used your power supply?

    I ran a SeaSonic X750 unit for about 7.5 years before something broke and it died on me. Before that I tended to only keep power supplies for the build I bought them for because I was usually not buying top shelf ones due to budget limits. Now I tend to buy power supplies with the goal of using...
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    Any matx X570 board?

    I wouldn't say it's anywhere abandoned. mATX still gets a whole lot of love, but just not on the high end with a few exceptions. There are mATX threadripper boards after all. I would say that generally the market for mATX boards trends towards value side of the equation. I've used a couple...
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    Tesla Model Y Production Starts November 2019

    They think assembly automation is going to be their savior but I think they are still struggling on the normal car company stuff. As far as I can tell, they have 2 years to figure it out. Almost everyone is bringing out their big guns in 2020, so if Tesla can't compete by then in quality...
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    Locked at 40x multi with i7-6700k and Maximus VIII Hero?

    I'm working on overclocking a new build but for some reason I seem to be locked at a 40x multiplier. I've disabled (at least so I think) all speedstep and any power reduction features. TPU is set to "Keep Current Settings" and CPU core ratio is set to "Sync All Cores" followed by a ratio limit...
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    Fox Uses Aereo’s Ruling to Attack Dish's Mobile Streaming Service

    It just isn't. I don't know where all this SCOTUS cloud paranoia is coming from. What Aereo did wasn't just storing recordings. They acted as the provider for the TV signals. That's the difference. When you use OneDrive, or DropBox, or even a TV focused cloud storage company YOU are providing...
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    Photos Of An NSA “Upgrade” Factory

    Reloading the firmware won't help, sorry. One of the specific capabilities they talked about in regards to this covert interception program was persistence of the malware.
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    Surface Pro 2 Tablet Gets a Quiet Speed Bump

    Funny you should mention that, my fiancee just started playing Civ V or her Pro 2 :D
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    Seasonic Topre Type Heaven Keyboard and S12G PSU Lucky Draw

    I want all the things to be Seasonic :D
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    HOT: Lenovo y410p 779.99

    This is the normal price. It's been at this price for months. In fact, I think it was actually available cheaper during the end of the back to school buying rush.
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    Windows 8 Pro Upgrade (Requires .edu email)

    Best deal, unless you have an .edu affiliation and access to DreamSpark. I can already get the 8.1 RTM free through DreamSpark and my school.
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    Oh man, if only I had the money for a rebuild. That thing is pure sexy. Especially in silver!
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    Shuttleworth: Ubuntu Desktop "On Its Own Will Die"

    And this is generally why I don't open a bunch of tabs...
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    Shuttleworth: Ubuntu Desktop "On Its Own Will Die"

    Oh man, if only I had the money for a rebuild. That thing is pure sexy. Especially in silver!
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    Scientist Banned From Revealing Codes To Start Luxury Cars

    If one guy can find it out, so can another. He should publish them. May sound terrible but I have a feeling the auto makers have known about the problem for awhile and have been slow to come up with a real solution.
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    8 GB Vs. 16 GB Gaming Rig

    I would shoot for a 2x8GB setup for 16GB total. It gives you more room for future games. Right now games with top end graphics recommend 8GB already.