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    What distro to use on my home router?

    I have not used this in many years, but ClarkConnect does all of that and then some. I think they are ClearOS now. Check it out:
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    SecureCRT at work. Putty at home.
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    Port won't forward cisco 871

    The port re-direct will redirect requests for port 80 to a port that you specify. COX does indeed block port 80 on regular "home" accounts. This is for bandwidth reasons. If you decide to go with, you are doing so at your own risk. COX does monitor how much bandwidth you use and...
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    How do you handle lab/public access machines?

    Try using Microsoft SteadyState. It's free. I just installed it on the computers in a computer lab I set up for a local church. I allows you to limit the capabilities of the users per user account. Check it out. It's not that bad for a Microsoft product...
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    Password protect network folder in XP pro?

    Does that "user" have a local account on your box?
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    new dfi 965p-s, wont post

    Thats an interesting statement. I wonder how you could explain to me why my HP xw8400 "workstation" came with Dual Xeon 5160s? The Xeon processor is most definitely a server processor, but is also extremely beneficial in high end workstations.
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    fastest *nix firewall

    Endian does exactly everything that you have described above. This one looks like a no brainer. I have Endian running in the exact configuration that you are looking to implement. Works like a champ!
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    Small Business Firewall

    Thats a lot of money for just 5 users and 2 servers.
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    Small Business Firewall

    I agree 100%. This is what I build for almost all of my clients with much larger networks than this. Endian FTW!
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    Defragment Network XP Clients

    you could always setup a scheduled task on the machines.
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    weird ip on network

    Have you tried looking it up in "who is"?
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    Upgrades on a budget.

    I agree 100% with what Morfius said. I have used freenas and I run an Endian Firewall. They are both great products and can run on just about anything. Endian does require a decent amount of RAM once you use content filtering and proxying. What you are wanting to do can definitely be done...
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    Cheap server case?

    I just got 2 of these. I love them. Lots of room for HDDs and excellent airflow. Solid construction! Not bad for $65.
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    Home Security

    I do believe WebcamXP will do the job.
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    network key recovery

    ^ what they said. ^