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    Huawei Sues Samsung Over Cellphone Patents

    Lol, Cisco sues Huawei so Huawei sues Samsung. Huawei blatantly infringed on Cisco's parents
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    Network Switch to Handle Multi-Wan?

    This is just stupid... This isn't a power grid where you just "give" power back to the grid. It's a lot of mickey-mouse config for no real benefit.
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    Cisco SG300-28 (SRW2024-K9-UK)

    I have a SG300-10 and they are great. Do note that the CLI isn't true IOS. Some commands are similar but they are not all the same.
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    Remove pc from network

    First thing, always reboot both workstations and try again.
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    Cisco SG300 multicast vlan setup

    Is this an apartment complex? Setup sub-interfaces on the ERL "LAN port" with VLAN 1 and VLAN 10. Tag the internal LAN port from the ERL to your switch with both VLAN 1 and 10. On the switch, any device that needs internet access put on VLAN 1 and any device that needs TV, put on VLAN 10. I...
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    Cisco ASA5500X GUI?

    The CLI on ASAs can be unintuitive compared to IOS or other vendors. ASDM (their GUI) is decent.
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    Windows 7 Professional Reinstallation CD DVD 64 bit SP1 with 1 RAM Option

    Windows 7 never came on systems with DDR. Any OEM system with Windows 7 came with DDR2/DDR3 memory. Also, I'm pretty sure that a piece of RAM for a system does not count under the OEM terms... This not at all legal.
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    T1 Phsyical Layer Question

    This is normal. Pretty much any decent provider does this for dedicated service. Whether that be copper (T1,T3,etc) or fiber.
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    DVR/NVR recomendation

    Several years? With 24/7 recording, that's not happening.
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    Access Point Recommendation?

    I'll post for Dizzy. Some TP-Link model with OpenWRT. /thread
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    Netflix Launches In 130 New Countries

    That's what a VPN or DNS proxy is for ;)
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    Why is this so #$%@ hard to do ??

    Just use a software firewall.... The built-in Windows can do this no problem.
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    COOL FUCKIN STORY BRO (I have the same card. Works great.)
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    Question about network wiring

    LOL. That's wrong on so many levels...