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    New Steam concurrent user record set.

    Who would have thought PC gaming would see such a resurgence, it's really cool though :) Did some googling but couldn't find any comparable XBL or PSN stats, the ones I did find were really old from 2009 - 2M XBL concurrent users.
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    Alienware m11x

    Love the look/sound of this, but I'm a bit concerned about the CPU. Currently my main PC is a dell studio XPS 13 Core 2 duo P8600 @ 2.4Ghz. Are there any benchmarks of this CPU so I could compare it to what I'm using currently or can anyone reassure me about the performance? I've been looking...
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    ugh...iTunes: Worst software *EVER*

    iTunes hasn't been that bad for me honestly it never crashes, I have a managable 2500 songs, and I manage the music on my ipod manually. I'm using Windows 7 64.
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    Microsofts Operating System Names ...?

    In judeo-christian religion 7 is a number of completeness, 7 days in the week, etc etc. This is obviously the last version of windows before the apocalypse in 2012. :D
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    Even worth it upgrading to windows 7 from vista 64bit ultimate?

    Why don't you just get a new DVD for $5-$10 that includes SP1 ... hell if you called them I bet you could wrangle one for free. Look how many of us stuck with XP after Vista's release... I didn't switch to Vista until SP1 and I'm perfectly happy with it... There's really no reason to...
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    I think the non-traditional fantasy is what everyone loved about Morrowind in the end, and missed in Oblivion! I tend to honestly not play Morrowind much, but I enjoy tweaking it and getting it to run with new graphics mods to see how far it's come. The modding community for morrowind is...
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    I always stay up to date on the morrowind mod scene because it's so interesting to watch! First off I'd like to KISS TIMESLIP'S FEET FOR THE AWESOME MGE Now that that's out of the way for all you graphics people out there check out Vality's Mods, I mean how awesome does this look. The...
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    Adobe CS4

    If you work with huge images the fact that it takes advantage of hardware graphics acceleration is very cool.
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    Need a recommendation for a gaming mouse

    I've always found logitech make the most functional gaming mice... Any of their high end units (sans the wireless) do great IMO
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    When will video cards be obsolete with the CPU taking over that function

    It's simply a cost issue. Most computer applications today do not require a powerful video card, and by keeping them as separate entities it allows us to sell CPUs cheaper. Not to mention most computerized tasks do not require the same type of processing power as GPUs provide, such as quick FP...
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    Galaxy Gives it Away!

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    Is this even possible?

    Depends how much you want to rig it. Could set cookies to never expire in the browser and use them to store info, thats really the only way though. Best way is to use .NET or something. C# is really easy.
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    Should i keep my 8800gt and use as physics?

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    Crysis Warhead Already Suffering Spore's Fate

    I just went out and bought 80 copies of spore and warhead for the 79 people who have an issue with their DRM. It's cool guys argument settled.