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    FS: DDR2 Ram, Xiggy HS, Mouse, etc [ConUS]

    Is that a porkchop?
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    WTB: Server/IT Items! Cisco, HP etc. FS: iTunes, Wii pkg, 360 games (RE5, 120gb)

    I've got a Dell PowerEdge 2650 with some upgrades if you're interested, as well as a StorTrends ST1312JS2
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    FS: Dell PowerEdge 2650 Server

    So I bought this have pretty much no use for it. It's a Dell PowerEdge 2650 server. Other than oem spec, it's got 1.5gb of 1600mhz ram and 3 seagate 34gb scsi 160 drives. I'll get some pics up if anyone really wants them. I'm look for 300 +shipping. I've never shipped anything this...
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    WTB: Ultra160 SCSI Card

    Sure, here you go: Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4
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    WTB: Ultra160 SCSI Card

    le bump
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    WTB: Ultra160 SCSI Card

    I'm trying to hook up an American Megatrends StorTrends ST1312JS2 unit, and I guess I need to add an SCSI controller to my setup. It runs Seagate ST336704LC drives which are Ultra160. Looking for an Ultra160 SCSI card to get started fooling around with it. Lmk what you have with prices...
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    FS: 6 HDs most 250gb / raid setup

    magik20, you should use a wet blanket to put out that FLAME! Bump for you.
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    Laptop keyboard overheating?

    I work for Dell as a field tech, need the disassembly/reassembly guide?
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    just got a lenovo s10e

    I'm pretty happy with the job Lenovo did of putting this together. It doesn't 'feel' cheap at all compaired to other Acer and Asus models. The LCD is solid and I don't feel like when I open it I'm going to break it or anything. It's nice and light without feeling like it's made of plastic. So...
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    just got a lenovo s10e

    So I just noticed that the S10e ships with 512MB of 667MHz ram. What's the deal with that? The Atom only supports 533MHz. Doesn't that seems like a waste or something? I can't imagine it was cheaper to put in faster ram that the unit supports.
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    just got a lenovo s10e

    holy hell :rolleyes: I took a pic on my htc phone and left it on the lcd, yea, it worked fine . . .
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    just got a lenovo s10e

    So...yea...I printed my mug on an 8.5x11 and it logged me in. :eek: I also noticed that I don't have to be looking right at it to work either. I've been looking at my other screen and it logs me in even at an angle.
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    just got a lenovo s10e

    I think I just might try that. I have another beater laptop around here some where, I think I might try to hold up the LCD with a picture and see what happens as well as print one out.