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    Esoteric (rare) hardware from the past

    The Abit NF7, 3200+ and Ti4600 (except mine was BFG's) takes me back, that was my favorite gaming set up, upgraded the GPU to the 7800 AGP eventually before moving on. I also still have a box with the golden orb coolers, those were very popular back in the day. I forget what I had mine on, I...
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    iPhone Home screen redesign?

    I'm not really excited about any of these future software updates, but the phone call thing certainly piques my interest a bit here as that has bit me in the ass before. Haven't yet to really dive into any of the announcements though, been a busy time for me.
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    Intel Acquires Killer NIC

    Interesting concept initially that didn’t really blow up the market. Then seeing integrated NIC’s destroy add-in’s they essentially became a software package company. I have a board from a gen or two ago with killer on it and honestly, I had an easier time RealTek. what surprises me is Intel...
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    Galaxy S20 Thread

    I remember back in the day the Samsung Apps were a reason to get their phones. But it soon turned into “wait for a root” before you got the phone so you can get rid of them! their default browser during the Note2/3 era was the very best on Android. Until Chrome stopped being a resource hog...
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    Get your first look at Halo 3's PC screenshots

    I loved ODST, I still keep my 360 around to play it.
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    Apples new Iphone SE

    Granted I’m saying this while on an 11 with no cheeks. Really what I’m getting at with the comparison is that you can get a maxed out SE for less than a 64gb XR. The other things like the camera and screen are pretty small but the presence of the cheeks might actually be a bigger consideration...
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    Apples new Iphone SE

    Apple is packing in addition hardware. The SE will be similar to XR, there are some take-some/lose some’s with the relationship but when right next to each other there is almost no reason to go with the XR now other than FaceID (which I have to admit I’d have a hard time giving up!). Id expect...
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    Apples new Iphone SE

    Not only do they suck but there isn’t a reason for 5g, at least nothing ground breaking.
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    Apples new Iphone SE

    I’m probably going to get this just to replace my aging media player.
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    AMD Ryzen 4000 Rumored to Bring 15% IPC Uplift

    Heh I was thinking the same. I’d hate for that to be a reason it becomes hampered though.
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    AMD: Sorry, No Official Ryzen Drivers for Windows 7

    Well for me it was free, I didn’t mind Windows 8 because I hardly ever used the start menus other than to select log off. Even when MS brought it back with Win 10 I barely use it, even the log off feature. storage spaces was a large upgrade for me, my only gripe is the ever changing network...