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    Raid 0 - we all know hard drives die and will but would you do if you did not care ?

    ng4ever how many drives are you thinking of using? if you want redundancy then you need to look at a different raid setup that is a NO to your question above. You need to start over again if you pull a disk/drive describe your intended setup or what gear you have to play with
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    Raid 0 - we all know hard drives die and will but would you do if you did not care ?

    Been running RAID-0 for a decade or so, with up to 12 SSD (3 raid-0 28 disks) drives both OS and data storage as well as scratch disks. currently use 2x NVME boot disk and 4 NVME for storage. is there a risk of failure, hell yeah, has it happened yes a couple of times, sir! Is it worth it? to...
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    How do you manage your photos?

    Look up DAM Digital Asset Management there is unfortunately not that great offerings available anymore. however regardless of what applications you use. I would always keep a folder structure a bit like what is described above by MN Scout use year, month and day with a description this way...
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    Why do AIOs never give any information about their cooling power?

    This is from Alphacool and it’s a rough guide only - info is from But there is a simple rule you can follow 80W TDP per 120mm radiator space with 600rpm fans 100W TDP per...
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    Any of these 1000W+ PSUs any good?

    I would go for the larger units if $$$ isn’t an issue corsair, evga would also have some contenders good luck - ohh by the way, are you planning to have anything else in terms of PCIE cards? You only have 24-lanes on the chipset and CPU series, you need to look at Threadripper if you want more...
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    Is Windows 10 20H2 the worst windows yet?

    Nice Work on the graphics, Tell us why you do not like Windows 10 - you may have a very valid reason, in the end you choose what OS you want to use. not liking or liking is your choice - expect people to have a difference in opinion. You may have a very different level of expertise and experience?
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    Is Windows 10 20H2 the worst windows yet?

    Late to the party here, looking at the OP, with 1000’s messages and many years spent here I am a little surprised to hear that Windows 10 is the worst MS OS ever. all the OS’s have some issues, in particular if you stray of the mainstream equipment list, one reason is a lot easier to deal with...
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    Threadripper 3 (3960X) & Win 7 work around?

    Wow - we are out punching here today ! Too much cordial? Probably not helpful! OP Threadripper ,it might work or it might work out of the box but would you even entertain this in a commercial space with no support for the OS etc...and newer technologies since the inception of Win7 could you...
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    How many SSD drives have you purchased?

    Hmm, in my old box I had 8x Samsung 128gb 830’s 12x intel 120gb 520’s 8x HDD 2TB current system (all gen 4) 2x 1Tb seagate 520 NVME 4X 2Tb Phison 2TB (Gigabyte, Corsair Mp600, PNY) room for 6 more NVME (y)
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    A couple of questions on CPU threads and clock rate

    What is it you want to achieve? Apart from not upgrading for 5 years? i built the below to last me 10 years with the odd upgrade here and there ;) faster cpu, more cores, faster GPU, more ram, bigger and faster hard drive(s) but other then that keep it as is
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    AMD MoBo to support Dual 3090?

    IceCaveMan exciting project! what is your budget and timeline? No point in dreaming about something that isn’t available within your timeframe. apologise but you seem confused about what you want/need (no offence intended). Perhaps specify what you want to archive with your setup compared to...
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    AMD Threadripper 3970X Successor

    I agree with those who have stepped up to the Threadripper platform due to the extra pcie lanes, until I start to do rendering the CPU isn’t the key to this. Hopefully in years to come the 64 core will drop as my need goes up. sure it would have been nice to have had a lower price entry point...
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    "The long dark" and real life survival.

    He is the pray 😉
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    Optimizing Threadripper ? thread! How to get the most out of it

    How fast are those fan running? What size? 👍
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    Optimizing Threadripper ? thread! How to get the most out of it

    Happy years to you all and thanks for your help. Really appreciate it 🙏🙏🙏