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    Need some LR/PTP help

    It will work great for what you're doing. I always buy a second pair in case one randomly dies. So far I've had good luck with them everywhere that I've installed them.
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    Need some LR/PTP help FYI - buying direct from ubiquiti will be slightly cheaper than Amazon. Two of these will do PTP easy as long as you have line...
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    One or two switches?

    What exactly are you running on the network? I work with Cisco, HP, Meraki, Brocade, and I even like ubiquiti for small business/home networks. For your home, I wouldn't be afraid of running UBNT at all. If you need POE++ and 10GB I would get - Switch Pro 24 POE If you need POE+ and 1GB I...
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    Email hosting

    Zoho is free, I use it for my side business. Otherwise, If your paying I would move to google.
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    Can i put 2 severs/websites on 1 static ip?

    You need a device in front of the switch to set up PAT (port address translation).
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    [WSUS] move wsuscontent location to NAS

    I don't use wsus either at any of my sites. Once we were able to get 1gb internet connections it stopped being useful. The only reason I could see wanting to go back to wsus, is if I wanted to microcontrol exactly what updates are being installed and what are being blocked. Luckily for what I...
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    Metro: 2033 Redux is free on epic

    I can't play with my headset, the audio is totally jacked up. If i set it to speakers, it works fine. Has something to do with 5.1 or 7.1 SS, immediately uninstalled and reported to epic that they suck :D
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    Router advice on 10G LAN + fiber Internet w/ static IP

    Not sure what your budget is, but i'd probably do the following if this were my home setup and If i REALLY wanted 10GB to devices. ==fiber==>ISP's GPON ==1g-ethernet==> Ubiquiti USG or Ubiquiti ERL ==1gb-ethernet==> Unifi 16 XG Using UF-RJ4510G ==10gb-ethernet==> Devices If you purchased...
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    Best place to buy Ubiquiti stuff

    I buy directly, and I use a reseller in some cases when I do side work. Even direct it only takes a few days to come in
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    So when will the war start?

    I'll take China spying on me for $200 rather than US companies charging me 1k per phone, and the NSA spying on me.
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    Home Security

    I have an all ubiquiti network, and I installed 6 ubiquiti g3 cameras, have been running for 3 years with little issues. If you want to get to it via phone, you ha e to set up dyndns.
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    I love my usg for home use, I'm full unifi and have never had issues.
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    Server 2012 R2 U1 - Need a user that cannot damage my domain admin account

    You need to look into delegating control in AD. I'm assuming you are only wanting this user to have rights to create, edit, delete, accounts in AD? If so, just delegate the control on the OU's that give that specific user the rights required.
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    Help with Ubiquiti switch advice...

    i'm 100% UBNT (including cameras). Love the entire line, including the USG. My switch is in the garage, gets pretty damn hot out there and it's been good for two years now.