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    Facebook Begins Europe-Wide Campaign Against Extremist Posts

    Germany censor news about women being raped. Fuck Germany!
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    Netgear Shows Customers How To Share Pirated Movies

    Guys it's Christmas......seriously......who gives a rats rectum! lmao May all your torrent rips be long :D
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    Man Sues Bethesda Over 'Fallout 4' Addiction

    China's new Sesame credit game -
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    Video Game Players Brains Are 'Wired Differently'

    Spot on mate. It's the stuff you miss while devoting an immature mind to only gaming that does the damage. Most younger guys have issues as a result of too much computer game time but are either too arrogant (immature and naive) or too stupid to comprehend the effect it is having upon them...
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    Man Sues Bethesda Over 'Fallout 4' Addiction

    I'll just leave this here :)
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    Man Sues Bethesda Over 'Fallout 4' Addiction

    You are "apart" of the same species? It's also "too" weird for you to think about. I think we can all see the effect predominantly playing computer games has had on you. __________________________________________________________________________ Hopefully this guy wins so we can all...
  7. T motherboard required

    Hi guys, quick question for you all. I currently have an i7-2600k running in an MSi H61-p31m g3 The maximum multi I can select in bios is x38 which when in windows runs at x34 multi. None of the MSi tools seem to want to...
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Can I get an invite please? :)
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    Project: Stuttgart

    Looks fantastic mate.......great job.
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    Connecticut - Trade in Violent Games/Media for $25

    1. You create strawmen arguments then deny doing so because you don't understand what a strawman is.......that's called "lying". 2. Me being right about you lying shows how ignorant and baseless my claims are about anything? 3. "Some", violent" before violent video games. Now it's...
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    Connecticut - Trade in Violent Games/Media for $25

    You tried to turn the conversation toward me being infatuated with rape because I mentioned it's wrong to do it even in games. You're attacking me instead of the argument. You're creating a strawman.....and now you're lying about it.
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    Connecticut - Trade in Violent Games/Media for $25

    You're lying now....or talking nonsense. Maybe that's why you're just dim and not a only played murder/rape simulators. Boring strawman argument. GTA vice city, Postal, Manhunt 1&2, rapelay etc etc contain Jihads yeah? You're either being intentionally...
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    Connecticut - Trade in Violent Games/Media for $25

    How many kids you got (out of nappies)? Let me guess.....none? I'm a nutjob for thinkin' kids playing games which involve killing is a bad idea? Is it nutty to think they shouldn't play rape games? Or child murdering/raping games? Where do you draw the line?
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    Connecticut - Trade in Violent Games/Media for $25 found one instance! Incase you haven't noticed they happen weekly now :rolleyes:.