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    Did I Degrade or Destroy my 5950x? Now with a response from Asus on page 2!

    I'm about 28k with a power limited CPU (Limited mine to 200w) and background programs running. All core is around 4.3ghz. When I let it get all the way up to around 230w+, it would boost up to 4.4ghz all core, but temps also went up a good 10c, and I didn't feel that was worth it.
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    Suggestions for a larger windowless case with good radiator support

    I absolutely love my Fractal Define 7 XL. I have the windowed variant but I'm sure the windowless variant would be just as much of a joy to work in. I have a 420mm rad in front, and if I wasn't using storage configuration I could probably fit a 360 or 420 rad up top as well. At the moment I...
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    Why is Nvidia better than AMD for video editing?

    It's pretty much 100% about CUDA.
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    Do PS3's have any use now?

    Their use would be to play a couple PS3 exclusive titles that never got ported/never got upgraded to newer hardware. Or to play games better/cheaper (if you already own them) than how the PS5 streams retro games. However if you don't have access or care about those particular PS3 exclusive...
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    Post your hard drive Power On hours!

    What software is this? I really like how this table shows reasons for the failures.
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    Going to try the Asrock 670E TaiChi.

    Sadly I think you're just in on the "early adopters are actually just Beta Testers" stage of a new platform, so thing's simply aren't gonna work quite right for a couple BIOS updates. I went through that with my launch Socket 939 board and my launch AM4 x370 board. It's just part of the...
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    Going to try the Asrock 670E TaiChi.

    I've had great success with my X570 Taichi so I'm curious what you think about the X670 one.
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    Rumor: Google Stadia May Be Getting Shut Down

    Getting refunds for the money I spent on stadia? Hell yeah, truly free chromecasts!
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    Did I Degrade or Destroy my 5950x? Now with a response from Asus on page 2!

    My motherboard is an ASRock x570 Taichi on the most recent (still Beta!) Bios but its performance hasn't changed much in the last few bios. I have only a single datapoint with my own 5950X and an Artic Liquid Freezer 420. At full all core load I use 230w, around 4.4ghz and temp over 85c...
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    Recommendation wanted for a reliable USB hub

    RGB keyboard, various game controller types, webcam, a couple of the ports I used purely for charging things like phones, switch, etc. I liked that it had its own power cord.
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    Time for a new router?

    Your needs are not the needs of everyone. No router magic is gonna make multiple gigabyte uploads any faster on a 400mb down / 20mb up system. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯
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    Build a Plex NAS computer or buy a prebuilt NAS ?

    No. They shouldn't. I'm giving access to them freely. They're friends and family. I'm not an asshole.
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    Build a Plex NAS computer or buy a prebuilt NAS ?

    I don't know what kinda relationships you have with your friends and family, but the technical specifications of their home network and what exact devices they have connected to their TV is pretty far from a common conversational topic. However, wanting to discuss the particulars of certain...
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    Build a Plex NAS computer or buy a prebuilt NAS ?

    The short version from what i've noticed is that most people simply don't care about resolution or anything like that. I'm already family IT on far too many things, i'm not gonna add arbritrary Home Theater requirements to that list.
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    AMD Ryzen 7000 Series Reviews

    I keep thinking they lowered the price on the 7950X so they can slot a 7950X3D over it at some point in the next year.