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    Hitman 3 (2020)

    Well, that and Hitman 3 being a much smaller install size (currently 55GB) than a fully loaded Hitman 2 (150GB) despite containing the content of all three games.
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    Hitman 3 (2020)

    It's not been announced officially yet, but the Hitman 2 map import functionality lives: Tested here and I now haz Hitman 2 maps in Hitman 3.
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    Hitman 3 (2020)

    Looks like this is going to get made right:
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    Hitman 3 (2020)

    It sounds like Epic is trying to figure out a way to make this right: "Sorry, the team is looking into this with IO. It’s never Epic’s intent to create a situation where someone who owns a game on Steam would have to buy it again on...
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    Hitman 3 (2020)

    And IO has jumped into the early lead of dev mistakes for the year 2021... So even though your items that you unlocked in Hitman 2 will carry over, you have to buy the levels again. Batten down the hatchs! Thar be a shitstorm brewing...
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    Star Wars: Squadrons

    Confirmed with free content: TLDR: New map and components this month; B-Wing and TIE Defender and custom matches coming in December. I'll give EA credit here, they are actually doing things right...
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    Star Wars: Squadrons

    Not gonna lie, I'm really enjoying the hell out of it, even with some of the bugs. Granted, I've got an old Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 for my stick, but still, it's been great fun.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I can't even get past the main menu ever since the update was released two weeks ago, and Rockstar Support has been completely useless in doing anything to fix the problem.
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    I'd buy a physical copy in the US if they made it available to us simply to save 90GB of data off my monthly capped internet (screw you Comcast!).
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    Watch all the enhancements for PS5 bring it up to the same quality level of PC at max settings or something like that lol. EDIT: Oh, and improved loading times ROFL.
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    Hitman 3 (2020)

    Take mah money! Again!
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    Frys going out of Business

    On the bright side of things, if anyone needs hand sanitizer, apparently Fry's has plenty of it, according to their website. :LOL:
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    Maneater Tripwire interactive Shark game

    I am enjoying the HELL out of this game.