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    2022 Black Friday Cyber Monday Holiday Deals

    I keep looking for deals on X670E boards, but all I see are price increases and out of stock notices. I can buy a 7900X for way less than the board I wanted with it... if it were in stock. 🙄
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    Are you camping out / lining up for an RTX 4080?

    No. I'm staying home where I can snuggle with my 3080Ti 😆
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    Slowest cpu any one has put a 3080 RTX in, I’ll go first

    3080Ti paired with an Intel 2600K 😆
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    Ordered a 3060Ti got a 3070 instead lol

    Is it brand new? Just make sure to verify that it is indeed a 3070 with GPU-Z, and run some benchmarks. I've seen an uptick in scammers trying all sorts of things.
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    Raptor Lake 2022 October at the latest

    I'm curious about the kind of temperatures you see with the Noctua. I have a D15 and I'd like a 13700K but seeing that it is basically a 12900K, I'm a bit worried.
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    Raptor Lake 2022 October at the latest

    Gaming, Photoshop, and web browser for the most part. Some CAD and video editing too.
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    Raptor Lake 2022 October at the latest

    I really wanted a 13700K, but I'll be using a Noctua D15 and the temps and power usage are concerning.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Still in stock MSI 4090 Gaming Trio 24G
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    EVGA Extended Warranties - Submit Your Ticket, Get Your Refund

    I paid $64 for the 10-year warranty on my 3080Ti before the price changes, so I'd rather keep it IF it means something. There doesn't seem to be clear communication from EVGA if there is an option to keep the extended warranty and if they plan on supporting it. If their plan is to only support...
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    Ryzen 4 Reviews Are Out.

    $500 for the Aorus Master?! o_O These AM5 motherboard prices are outrageous! I think I'll be going with the 13700K and a Z690 board at this point.
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    Ryzen 4 Reviews Are Out.

    I'm not impressed with Zen 4. Way too much heat for those of us that prefer air cooling, and the performance just isn't there.
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    EVGA no longer making GPUs!

    Any word on extended warranties? I have read conflicting stories from people that have contacted customer support, with some being told to ask for refunds because EVGA has no intention to offer support beyond the standard 3 year warranty.
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    EVGA no longer making GPUs!

    I purchased the 10-year warranty for my 3080Ti... so this news is a bit concerning! 😆
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    Will Zen 4 be the real deal and a worthy upgrade from Zen 3

    I'm excited for Zen 4, but buying anything above $400 without 3D cache is pointless. Why would any enthusiast do that?
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    FS: Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR4 Kit (4x8GB) 3600Mhz CL16

    Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR4 Kit (4x8GB) 3600Mhz CL16. CMK32GX4M4D3600C16 I purchased this kit for a new build that never happened. :rolleyes: Brand new and still sealed from Corsair. Color is Black. Asking $125 shipped. Sold Heatware