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    How to test for PCI-Express bottleneck?

    Thank you everyone (y) Someone mentioned my Sabertooth P67 so I just made a test with it combined with a ROG 5700 XT. I'm not worried by bottlenecks anymore and can tell there is no reason to test other systems for now. But the most important thing is I got a better understanding f how to test...
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    Advise on buying for multi-monitor setup

    I'm looking to upgrade both me and my girlfriends displays, but since we got multi-monitor setup (old BenQ GW2670's) they can't be too expensive, so instead of just throwing money at expensive screens and hoping for the best any advice on good-for-gaming displays matching the following without...
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    How to test for PCI-Express bottleneck?

    Oh, sorry I misread the comparison of 3dmark versions then. I'll go have another look. I haven't provided any hardware info because I wanted to be able to test it myself since it is for more than testing one PC. I was only looking to learn :happy:
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    [plz delete] ASUS ROG Swift PG278QE still worth buying?

    EDIT: I just got told that it doesn't support Freesync and since back in 2015 I'm no longer running Nvidia cards. Sorry for wasting your time :dead: So way back in 2015 I was looking at the ASUS ROG Swift PG278QE display but never got around to actually order it. Is it still worth buying or are...
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    How to test for PCI-Express bottleneck?

    It only shows which PCI Express the card is using though, right? No way to see how much it is using of the available bandwidth. Sorry, I'm not buying 3D mark pro just for this.
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    Another TUF X570 problem. and also what asus support told me.

    A QVL is a list of hardware they have tested working - not a get out of jail free card. It is a way for customers to know for sure something works without having to test it themselves. The more lists they have the better they are supporting their customers. Using hardware not on the list doesn't...
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    AMD Driver Software bundle: Hokey/Overlay popping up.

    Installs a full software suite. Calls driver bloatware. Why do you install it if you don't want it? Install the driver only if you want only a driver.
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    Which GPU brand generally has the best build quality?

    I'm very surprised anyone mentions XFX in a thread about quality. They have made awful cards, like the THICC cards.
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    How to test for PCI-Express bottleneck?

    Hello experts :) I'm running a brand spanking new GPU on a very dusty motherboard. Is it possible somehow to see the PCI-Express bus utilization and if it is bottlenecking the GPU? I know you can google some tests, opinions and theoretical numbers but I'd like to be able to see/test it myself...
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    Help picking AMD CPU

    I had no idea Zen2 was coming. I will wait and see how the price and performance looks a month from now. Thank you! I play a lot of different types of games so I will have a look. Thank you for the tip :)
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    Help picking AMD CPU

    I'm completely out of the loop on hardware these days so would someone mind giving me some advice on what would be a good upgrade? I'm thinking a boost in performance like ~50% (see link below for current specs) and the ability to upgrade CPU for as long as possible. Usage is something like 60%...
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    New GPU in old board. How fast?

    I'm not in the US so it's quite a bit more expensive here than on those sites.
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    New GPU in old board. How fast?

    Thanks, exactly what I needed. I thought I would be way more bottlenecked by the mobo and CPU. Now off to shopping!
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    New GPU in old board. How fast?

    Hello experts. My GPU died and I'm totally lost in the jungle. What is the fastest card I can put in my old machine without having a huge bottleneck? I5 2500k @ 4,6 Sabertooth P67 (only has PCI-e 2 x 16) 12gb RAM My monitor is 1080p 60hz.
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    How fast a GPU before bottleneck?

    Thanks! Yes, 60hz 1080P gaming and no specific genres as I play lots of different kinds. I have already made another question elsewhere since I have no idea how fast RAM this board can use. EDIT: The CPU is at 4,4ghz. No idea how high I can push it.