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    Extremely high SMART failure rate in my FreeNAS

    ST3000DM001's are the plague on all your houses. ST4000DM000's have proven to be good, and don't succumb to pre-natal death or infant death syndrome. Do not whimsically buy drives from *anywhere* but your local shop and make a very safe drive home, take a cab with leafsprings if you don't have...
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    RAID Array problems

    Don't use HP softRAID for fast R0. PCIe-8x does 4.4GB/s - Let this ancient thread die, start a new one if you have Q's
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    Help me choose my 4TB daily drive

    Quintessential reports to end any questions about which drive to buy: ST4000DM000's have been good to me; Hitachi's are...
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    Any advice for copying 2TB of data? Heat or other dangers?

    Teracopy with check enabled in the settings.
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    Needing advice on RAID/Storage Options

    I strongly recommend Areca cards. Areca tunes their FW to handle consumer drives across many diverse brands. Depends what your budget is, but a used 1880 or 1640, or 1882 (if you budget permits) That way (even with a 2x SFF-8087 card) you can hook a SAS expander up and expand it in the future.
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    Any advice for copying 2TB of data? Heat or other dangers?

    Yes, absolutely. Even my consumer drives can take 40-90hours of consistent punishment during rebuilds and 1GB+/s transfers.
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    Trying to read a specific file crashes my RAID card

    Copy data back to the array once it is rebuilt on the same drives (if your logs show that these drives have not reported SMART or timeout/read-errors) Once data is copied back, defrag the drive - check disk it, extended benchmark it; go nuts. If it shows signs of failure or inconsistency (with...
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    How much power is your server drawing?

    4-600watts for my server, depending on load
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    wd red, ultrastar or deskstar for 24/7 NAS?

    Go Green, see sig, save a ton of money. 12x 2TB WD Green array pushes 2.2GB/s Read and solid 660MB/s Write (in RAID6 on 1882 Areca) Array has been expanded and gone through OCE torture five times, no drops. Stable 24/7 for 3 years now, no drops, one failure.
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    I would never recommend mixing drives from different manu's. And I would recommend against mixing drives of any differing attribute ever. It's like asking for a disaster. Especially on a PERC. A PERC 5/i will top out at 5-600MB/s anyway. It's proc can't handle more. RAID50 if you want a big...
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    RAID6: what is a good ratio for usable space to space used for parity?

    8 Drive max for RAID5 (six disks is the usual cap in the workplace) 12 Drive max for RAID6 (a fair amount of parity considering the disk size and rebuild time) (16 drives would be OK in RAID6 if you are a SOHO/enthusiast, but dangerous considering at least 90hours of rebuild on any top end card...
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    Areca 1880 - WD Red (Raid6 throughput)

    Hey, WD Fanboy here. Good to see some input here from other WD Red owners. I would suggest trying a RAID0 of 3 drives and a RAID5 of the other three, try different settings for the R5 array than you have right now (different stripe size, different partition/allocation unit size in NTFS)...
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    Bad idea. Replacement PCB's are freely available, all data is still intact. Final thought: DBAN or Wide drill-bit or Rip the drive open with a Torx and destroy the platters with gouges and/or sandpaper. Microwave is a silly idea, unless you hate your kitchen appliances. End of line.
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    ARECA Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA RAID Cards)

    Hey, This is a strange dilemma, there should be plenty of power to give in those 6x 2TB's. They should be putting out around 120MB/s reads and score aggregated speeds north of 650MB/s. I would suggest opening a new post for this, as I am not sure how many people are trying Red's on our...