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  • Hello!!

    ASUS Maximus Gene II - $130 (NIB)

    I just read your ad on the forums:

    But having gone and returned to hardforums forgetting old logins a few times I couldnt post a reply!
    (need to have 50 posts to post in that part of the forum)
    Anyway. Oh my GOD! Im happy I found your post. Been after this motherboard for a year or so. .

    You can reach me at johannesj81@gmail.com and/or mail@johannesjohansson.net ,

    Now I do live in sweden so posting may be high but of course I'll pay that! As well I'll pay you an extra 20US$ for the extra hassle with sending something over to europe.
    Least I can do.
    ... I really want and need this motherboard. only one my CPU and ram Overclocks decently in.
    And I can pay by Verified Paypal transfer etc etc.

    Thanks for reading this and I really do hope you get back to me.
    Johannes Johansson
    hey can you do me a fave and leave me heat from when i bought that board off you?

    heat: alsfcapone

    Hey I am interested in your A71 case. Is it new? Why are you selling it same price online? I live in santa barbara. How would shipping be? I really want a good deal.
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