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    OMG why is Win10 install still glitchy! need help!

    It is, but for some reason you are doing a bunch of unnecessary steps while trying to use MBR instead of GPT. PEBKAC.
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    WTF microsoft

    True. I should have said "if you have a device where you already paid for the codec licensing fee. The OP had already paid for it by getting Windows 10 while Microsoft still paid for it, and that link is meant to be for those who have devices where the royalty has already been paid (whether by...
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    WTF microsoft

    Isn't it still free if you have a supported device (i.e. your xeon)?
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    Windows 10: Remove Networks Associated With Disconnected Network Cards?

    It looks foreign when you first start, but there's a pattern to it. Powershell commands are supposed to follow Verb-Noun syntax and parameters are always prefixed with hyphen. Aliases are available for common commands, and tab completion is available for almost everything. Common shortcut syntax...
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    Broken UWP icons in Windows 10 Start Menu

    Followup: it's definitely a problem stemming from irfanview, and goes back to Win7: You should be able to fix it by opening your default apps and resetting the "lnk" (link/shortcut) files so that they're not associated with the program.
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    Broken UWP icons in Windows 10 Start Menu

    This appears to be caused by irfanview.
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    Windows 10 right click bug

    Can you try using AutoRuns and look at the "Explorer" tab to see what extensions you have installed? My random guess is that there's some plugin a program installed that registered a desktop context menu and isn't behaving well when repeatedly queried.
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    HDR color problems in Windows 10

    If you haven't done so yet, can you install the LG monitor driver for its color profile?
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    HDR color problems in Windows 10

    Can you upload the dxdiag output? It will provide valuable insights into things like what your driver and monitors claim they can do, as well as the color space being applied. Further, the "looks great but pinkish" may be an issue due to a number of things: the monitor may be more efficient at...
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    HDR color problems in Windows 10

    A few important questions that may help your issue: Can you run dxdiag, save all information, and paste it here? Are you using DisplayPort? HDMI 2.0 can work, but I've seen more issues with it vs DP. Does it look weird when you are looking at HDR content? It appears you are looking at...
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    Windows 7 x64 keeps forgetting my USB DAC's abilities

    The modified inf couldn't be used because its catalog signature no longer matched the inf file's hash. I've had similar issues to what you are describing, but caused by monitors (!). Though they're not supposed to do this, some models "reverse probe" the hdmi or displayport and then cause a...
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    Is this R3@L L1F3 ? Micro$oft???

    Then please don't threadcrap.
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    What happens after windows 10 ends its support in 2026?

    BS Guess you're right
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    SK Hynix Inc. Announces 1Ynm 16Gb DDR5 DRAM

    Found this:
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    Microsoft's October Update Failure Is Holding the Whole PC Industry Back

    What you are spewing came from the other end of the horse. If you had evidence, you could share a case or something else beyond "my friend said" to show that we have any such "tied house" policies. Back up your claims with some data, or shut up and stop making defamatory claims.