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    Recommend a Motherboard and Case for a DIY Nas

    If you wanna save a bit of change and need 6 drives/ITX form factor still, I think the Fractal Node 304 is the de-facto choice. It does have a few fans (2x smaller in the front, 1x140mm in the rear), but has room to install 6 drives along with full size ATX PSUs (if you have one laying around)...
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    [Tepid] EVGA B-Stock X79 Dark - $130 + shipping

    Thanks for the tipoff.. They have the Z77 Stinger mITX board for $65 shipped. Z77 ITX boards can be hard to find, especially with any warranty, so I'll give it a shot (reviews look kinda shady though.. hopefully they fixed some of the problems with the BIOS etc with these refurb boards).
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Kudos to you for using a laptop as your keyboard! Also, Microsoft WMO! I still use one as well and have used it for over 10 years now.. bulletproof mice. Real gamers use old school optical low DPI mice! :D
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    is this legit?

    Probably not, but you could always pay with Paypal and you are covered.. Probably a waste of time though.
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    Titanfall - Respawn Entertainment's first game

    I agree with this.. I've gotten first place a few times, but did terribly in the mech and with Pilot kills, but I chewed through AI like a meat grinder and still pulled out first place. After playing for a few hours, I can also reiterate that the AI is far too stupid. 6v6 is also a somewhat...
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    5% off video card at newegg

    I'm debating on the XFX 290 as well, but I'd want to remove the cooler and put an aftermarket one on (selling BF4 will help towards the cost) The XFX warranty doesn't specifically say that removing/installing aftermarket stuff voids the warranty I don't think, though it does mention that you...
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    Fractal Design Arc Midi: Newegg Shell Shocker $69.99 FS

    Got my arc midi last shell shocker with the $20/$40 google promo code.. GREAT case so far!
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    CM Spawn mouse $20 AR - Xornet mose $17 AR

    Ironic.. I've actually switched to optical vs. laser due to the lift off distance on laser mice being TERRIBLE. The last I owned (G9x) was particularly bad, although I think the original G9 was also pretty awful. If you look at mice like the Zowies, they advertise some of the lowest lift off...
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is $4.99 on amazon. *sigh*

    I'm certain there's still hackers and you'll likely run into them on a daily/weekly basis, but if that's the case I usually just find another lobby. I also recommend AlterIW (google it) if you want to play on dedicated servers with somewhat "better" cheat detection (better being the debatable...
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    Arctic Cooling MX-2 Thermal Compound 4g $3 Shipped

    Thanks.. picked up 2, even though I have some Hyper 212+ stuff and some AS5.. can't ever have enough TIM!
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    Fractal Design Define R3 Black $50

    Yup.. I got it with the $85 free shipping shell shocker + $20/$40 google offer code, so only cost me $65 shipped.. Not a single regret (although I'm trying to figure out why one of my fans is vibrating on the side of the case, and it isn't the fan's fault because it doesn't vibrate when not...
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    Fractal Design Define R3 Black $50

    Love my Arc Midi, would recommend this if it was still alive.. no surprise it sold out even with no free shipping..
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    Looking into a ps3, longtime pc gamer

    I feel the pain of the OP in this case.. Dealing with issues to play a game just plain sucks, and I think I realize it more and more the older I get. Wasting the time dicking around with drivers, crashes or other problematic things really puts a downer on gaming. Not to mention when you work on...
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    Super duper powerful laser heat HOT. Free frames + lenses from Coastal Contacts

    That's exactly what we did.. we got our prescriptions from the optometrist, but decided against frames from them for the obvious price hike. Took the paper with the prescription on it, measured our pupillary (sp?) distance and put it all in on the site.. Was incredibly painless. It...
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    Super duper powerful laser heat HOT. Free frames + lenses from Coastal Contacts

    Also watch out for lens measurements.. My first pair had a width of 120mm and it's a little bit tight, so I ordered another free pair with a 125mm width but it ended up being even smaller than my 120mm pair. Good thing they also have free shipping back with an RMA.. was easy stuff..