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    Introducing the new AMD Catalyst Omega Driver @ [H]

    It ssems to be up now. At least I got this link for windowx 8.1 x64 -
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    User Account Control

    Remove these items from the startup list using msconfig and create a scheduled task that starts them as administrator instead (if you want them to start on login for standard users).
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    Nokia Shareholders Rip Elop As A ‘Triple-A Flop’

    Part of that is because if a candidate has already made mistakes at a different company, he's less likely to make the same ones at the one that's hiring him. It might have been Balmer who said he preferred someone who already made mistakes, so long as he was confident the person had learned...
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    Ubuntu Smart Phone Makers Trying To Crowdfund $32M

    That was the easy 3M. Now that the for 1 day perk is used up, we'll get a better idea of if they can hit the 32M targer.
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    Ubuntu Smart Phone Makers Trying To Crowdfund $32M

    If they don't hit 15 mil in 5 days, they won't make it. Crowd funded projects tend to start strong and end slow. We will find out how much momentum this project has once the day one priced devices have sold out.
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    UCLA Professor Lets Students Cheat To Learn

    Very true, however, this 'test' seems to be more of a project with a very short duration than a test, and if your an active participant and contributor in the group discussions, it's one of the most effective ways to understand what your learning which will benefit your grades when you write...
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    Bare minimum card for windows 8

    Intel GMA 950 is probably the oldest and slowest graphics that works on windows 8. I think it will require you to use windows 7 drivers, but they should work fine. The Nvidia 6000 series appears to be the slowest/oldest NVidia cards that support window 8 AMD's HD2000 series appears to be...
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    Frame Latency

    Sounds like either a driver conflict (occasionally still happens when switching from NVidia to AMD and vice versa), or outdated drivers. My 7950 runs far cry 3 without any stuttering on 12.2 Beta 6
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    200M Workers Want Windows 8 Tablets, Not iPads

    On the start screen type the following: shutdown -r -t 0 Much easier than trying to navigate.
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    40M Windows 8 Licenses Sold In One Month

    I have no idea how many were sold to major oem's, but I've purchased 3 win 8 copies so far. It's just cheaper to upgrade a win 7 premium machine to win 8 pro than to win 7 pro as required to connect to an AD server. If I had to guess, id say 85% were sold to OEM's though, the rest being a...
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    BitTorrent Traffic Increases 40% In Half A Year

    While Bittorrent bandwidth usage went up 40%, how much of that is related to larger file sizes, and improvements in internet download and upload speeds? How much of the increasing is from the same people torrenting more vs an increase in the number of people using bittorrent?
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    Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    I've used it in a vm for a bit, and I don't mind it on the desktop. It's not as good as windows 7 for desktop use. In general though, I didn't find it will hurt my productivity in any way. On the other hand, for touchscreen interfaces it's a huge step forwards, and if I end up getting a...
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    Five Reasons to Stay Off Google+ For Now

    I'll be surprised if Google ever relents on it's real name policy, but I think they might allow public profile details to only show a pseudonym and not the person's real name. IE, you might only display your pseudonym(s) to people not in your circles, but display your real name to your friends...
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    Non-Deal of the Day: $700 HDMI Cable

    If you think this is expensive. Check out the audio quest platinum cables: