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    1070 to 2070 Super upgrade?

    I picked up a 2070s coming from an ancient 970 so im happy. Next move is a new monitor. If you can hold out for a generation or gen+refresh, then all the better.
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    zotac 2070s vs msi 2070s ventus

    the zotac is 499 and the msi is 509. I have a gift card from amazon so it has to be purchased from there. I would have preferred the FE but such is life. I am looking for performance/reliability and followed by cooling/noise. It will be in a closed case with no window so i dont care about looks...
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    Asus Strix OC 1080Ti, MSI R9 390, Amazon FireHD10 Bundle

    was it used for 1080TI used for mining?
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    Amazon Workers Lose Monthly Bonuses, Stock Awards as Minimum Wage Increases

    It depends on the metric. Lots of companies have department or facility wide metrics which gauge how much of a bonus the workers will get. If the metric is no workplace injuries for a year for the fulfillment center, then yes everyone contributed. Now if the metric is, everyone who doesn't call...
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    Amazon Workers Lose Monthly Bonuses, Stock Awards as Minimum Wage Increases

    The biggest question is what percentage is winning and who is losing. If you have 15 or 20 workers maxing a 3k bonus while 1000 just get base pay then this is a huge win for the majority. If it were reversed, like 80% getting a bonus over the avg 15/hrs then its just PR coverup.
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    2080ti Availability

    Anyone know if they are releasing the standard versions, not FE? Id pay 1k for a TI then maybe a little more for a strix version from ASUS.
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    1080TI's coming down yet?

    I have seen one in stock right now 1080ti under 750 after 20 MIR. However, with a supposedly close release of the 1180, I will just wait. I am in no rush to get something since I don't even have a high end gaming monitor.
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    1080TI's coming down yet?

    I am waiting for mainstream places like amazon and newegg have those prices for new stock. Its a shame no more microcenters in the bay area anymore.
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    1080TI's coming down yet?

    I have seen a few 1070s and 1080s go to *almost msrp. However no sub $800 1080TIs just yet. Meanwhile, shopping at a mall in Northern California.
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    Samsung Note 8

    I need a note 8 case recommendation. I am looking for good drop protection for those damn curved edges that shatter when you look at your phone. I can live with the extra bulk.
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    V30 vs S8+, shopping decision

    I have the note8 on verizon. I would have gotten the S8 active if I were on AT&T. I would appreciate the flat screen and extra ruggedness. I did not like the fact there were no black friday deals for any LG phones except the Tmobile BOGO.
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    Need a 4TB drive for external backup

    Those are 5400 rpm drives.
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    Need a 4TB drive for external backup

    I have few older machines from windows 7 era that I would like to condense. I will keep the originals in the respective machines but basically do a CTRL V on all their my docs folders into the new external. I am thinking about at a WB 4TB black but Newegg keeps reviews keep reporting dying...
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    Win10 update kills BT?

    Nope, Broadcom drivers are messed up ( BCM2070A0). Broadcom doesn't list individual drivers to DL anymore, telling you to use windows updates feature. I uninstall old drivers and wait for windows to load them again and it is still messed up. Whatever, I'll go wired until they fix this.
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    Win10 update kills BT?

    Yeah it should automatically select bluetooth audio device instead of realtek audio device once I turn on the headphones. At least it did before the update. BT= Bluetooth