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    Ye olde upgrade inquiry - Phenom II or FX CPU

    I was recently able to get a Crosshair IV Formula (for free) to replace my dad's HP prebuilt boasting an E8400. The CPU i plan to use is a Phenom II 840T, which can unlock to 6 cores and so far has proven to be stable (still need to finish stress testing it) and was only $20 on eBay. However...
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    ASUS Dual Series GeForce GTX Giveaway @ [H]ardOCP

    Well, here's my main rig. It's sporting a 290X, but i changed it last week to a R9 Nano to wait for something more powerful to properly drive my 4K display (Nano will be going into my HTPC, which is rocking a HD 5770). The Ryzen build on my sig is still a WIP, so i'm still rocking my E5-2670. I...
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    PlayStation 3 + SSD = ???

    Thanks for the advice. I decided to go with my 250 GB HDD, a WD Black. It's no SSD, but it can do up to 95 MB reads/writes over SATA II, which should be leagues above the bundled HDD. I will be using the 128 GB SSD on my PS4 though.
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    PlayStation 3 + SSD = ???

    I currently own a PS3 SuperSlim and a PS4 Fat. Both have the stock 500 GB 5400 RPM (?) HDDs. As I play only a handful of games on both (I play a total of 6 games between both consoles, 3 games on each) I do not need such humongous storage, but I'd like to decrease my load times on both consoles...
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    Direct die water cooling

    Highly doubt this'll be a thing. Too many potential issues thay may arise, i doubt Intel or AMD would want to deal with them.
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    reliable low cost PSU suggestions?

    Well, the EVGA B series are good for the job. Built a couple PCs on those, like 2-3 years ago, still going good.
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    Is this PSU sufficient?

    Yes, that should be enough.
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    ax 750 failure :(

    The same happened with my V1000. PSU still works, but i don't really trust it anymore. I'd say contact Corsair, the worst they can say is "tough luck"
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    What's the favorite HDD brand these days?

    HGST. Still rocking older-than-life drives on other computers, and they still work. Other than that, WD drives are decent, as long as you don't get Greens.
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    Intel 5820K against 1800X

    If you already have a 5820k, keep it. The real upgrades would come from those on the "mainstream" platforms, or older Intel HEDT platforms (like X58 and X79).
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    HyperThreading on Windows 98

    Thanks for the replies. I use W98 due to the MS DOS support, W2k has lost that.
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    Nexus nerd picked up an iPhone 7 Plus

    That is the reason i've always gone Android. Lack of noticeable power, very little customization options and small-ish batteries, are the reasons i despise anything Apple-made. Can't deny their stuff looks nice as hell, but looks aren't everything.
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    Bluetooth Issues Affecting All Android Phones?

    I have no issues at all on my OP2. Several BT headsets, bluetooth speakers, and even connecting it to my rig via BT, no issues for the past 8 months. It is rocking Android 6.
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    Touchscreen Pet Peeve

    Is the screen bare? If so, you might try adding a glass protector, they tend to lower the capacitance a tad, but it would still work just as fine.