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    Any experience with unRAID?

    I have been using unRAID since 7/2011 and been working great for me as a file server. Running 10 data drives, 1 parity and 1 cache drive, all spinners of various sizes with no problems, plus once 6.2 becomes finalized, you have the option for a second parity drive. Expanding the system is fairly...
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    What switch are you using for your home lab?

    Got a HP ProCurve 1810G - 24 port here. Set up with 3 VLANs, Internal, Guest, and WAN. Using the SFP port to convert incoming coax to fiber and back again before hitting firewall. Works out pretty nice, even if it is ghetto rigged under my desk. Sadly only using 10 ports out of it right now...
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    ESXI 5.5 and APC SmartUPS 1500 - Shutdown Procedure

    I would say to look in to the PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.0 or v4.1 client. It's a VM from APC that runs on ESXi to do exactly what you want. The only piece you might have to get is the network card for your APC Smart UPS 1500 so the unit can be on the network. Then just have all of your VMs...
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    Windows 10's End-Of-Year Report Card

    Everyone keeps arguing about how Chrome, Google, Safari, etc are tracking, selling, stalking and poking you at night. Understandable as NOTHING on the internet is not recorded or sold to someone somewhere at a given time. The difference is, I don't have to use Chrome or Google or Safari or...
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    Gmail Ending? Google Starts Migrating Users

    Huh, didn't even know Inbox (dumb name but someone probably got paid millions for the revolutionary idea) was being tested. Just logged in earlier today on the computer and saw normal GMail. What is everyone going to migrate to if GMail tries to cram Inbox down our throats? Yahoo is pretty...
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    T-Mobile Unveils Free Video Streaming For Two Dozen Services

    I'm still on their totally unlimited plan with 3 phones and we have zero restrictions when it comes to data, text or minutes. And there is zero throttling when it comes to data usage as well. But this is awesome for anyone that wants to jump ship and join T-Mobile, they are really changing...
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    Aladdin Magic Carpet Prank

    That is cool as hell that this guy was riding around. Don't think it's a prank or joke but still an awesome idea. And yes, New Yorkers are absolutely crazy. Was in the city today for a job and saw 3 women standing around talking and as I got closer, noticed one was holding a pigeon, petting...
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    T-Mobile To Let You Stream Video Without Using Your Data Plan?

    This changes nothing for me. I'm on their unlimited data/text/phone/everything plan and the two primary phones get 5 GB of tethered data each. So far, our data usage for one month was 25 GB, 19 GB and 13 GB for the 3 phones. Never once had any slowness or issues with T-Mobile. I never use...
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    New Malware That Makes ATMs Keep Your Card

    First, congrats on eating my debit card, just means I can't piss away money as easily since the machine ate it. Guess I'll have to settle on 2 hookers and no blow when this happens. Secondly, does an elevator smell differently to a mental midget as opposed to a normal midget?
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    America’s First 10 Gigabit City

    Ha ha, I had a college roommate that lived there! But I think he has since moved out to Cali for some woman... :rolleyes: and no, I don't have pics of either. Anyone who moves/lives there now, mind opening your house up as a bed and breakfast for random [H]ers? :D
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    Snapchat Makes Money Disappear

    Outside Services: $13,781,412.04 (as far as I can tell this is not bandwidth or datacenter costs) Wow that is a lot of H&B... :eek:
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    D'oh! Panda Security Mistakes Itself for Malware

    My company resells Panda antivirus and turned last week into pure hell. Such a fuck up, it ate random programs, including the Windows folder and then killed itself! Not sure how this was even possible and the cherry on this delicious cake. The phones for Panda support in America were down at...
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    Your first OS

    Bahaha, mine was Win 3.0 at home, never did much on it other then poke around on it. Pretty sure it was a Pentium 33Mhz, no idea on RAM or HDD. My school had Commodore 64s and having to load in the 5.25" drives to play games, good times! And for a throwback:
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    Vandalism Shut Down Internet, Cellphone, Telephone Service Across Arizona

    We have a client in this area and got notification of their server going offline, called and got a fast busy. Only found out the next day that the only internet line coming in to the area was cut! How can half a state have just a single line coming in? Why not make it easier and put each...
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    Hey Parents, What Is Minecraft Doing to Your Kids?

    My girlfriends daughters are both in love with minecraft. They have it on their iPads, Xbox 360, Galaxy S3 phones and watch endless hours of it on Youtube. The oldest is very much more in to playing the game and just loses herself when playing, much as I remember when I was younger and gaming...