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    good deal in CAN: $250 500GB 840 EVO Series SSD

    Nice. I was going to bite on that one as well...but I figured I'm a couple months away from doing my upgrade so can wait and maybe it will go a bit lower. I wonder if the Pro's will have decent sales, haven't really seen any.
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    good deal in CAN: $250 500GB 840 EVO Series SSD

    Looks like there has been mixed results with it. Haven't seen any issues reported with the 850 EVO or 840/850 PRO.
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    good deal in CAN: $250 500GB 840 EVO Series SSD

    Do not buy any of the 840 or 840 EVO line at this time.
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    Hot? Samsung 850 EVO 500GB $189.99

    Looks like they put the 250GB one on sale today @ $99.99 on Amazon/Newegg. Personally, don't need one right this second, but definitely keeping an eye on the prices.
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    15 Years Ago...9/9/99 Happy Birthday Dreamcast

    Loved the Dreamcast back in teh day. Seems like they aren't mentioned here, but I absolutely loved NFL2K and NBA2K. Those early editions made amazing improvements to graphics and gameplay compared to all the others in the NFL/NBA genre.
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    Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls 50% off!

    Thanks, been waiting for this to go on sale.
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    Amazon Prime Price Increase

    I was actually just thinking about cancelling my Prime. Not because of the price increase, as I buy a lot from Amazon, but because I have noticed a decrease in processing and shipping speed. I guess I come from a time when 2 day shipping meant expedited and treated differently than ground...
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    SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop $15

    Decent price, picked up another, thanks OP. As mentioned, definitely pick up a Nerf ball (or soft type). Not only can the rubber ball break things, but it can also leave marks on the wall.
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    BF4 $20 or deluxe edition $25

    Just got mine, everything seemed speedy and the coupon code worked. Got Digital Deluxe for $27 after tax. Thanks OP!
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    $3,500 Fine for Writing a Negative Online Review

    I knew I should have read the FAQ first. Where do I send the Iguana and P4?
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    $3,500 Fine for Writing a Negative Online Review

    Crap. How much does it cost to remove my original comment? :D
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    $3,500 Fine for Writing a Negative Online Review

    Their website and products look shitty.
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    Winamp Is Officially Dead

    Oh well, I guess I will continue to use Zombie Winamp until it no longer accepts the music files I play.
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    $500 Non-Gaming Basic PC Build

    The prebuilts from the past are their current computers, a Dell and an HP. Both computers are so sluggish now and have tons of little issues with them. Issues that I never experience on my sig rig. Stuff like forgetting what program opens PDF's, the sound cards going in and out... I figured...
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    Steam Holiday Sale dates confirmed

    Steam is gonna take more of my money for games that I wont end up playing. I still havent touched the new Batman and Skyrim from the last sale (and Trine2). ><