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    When will Video Card prices come down lower?

    just wanted to join in and say GPU prices will stay high is my guess an yes i complained months ago on twitter about it on twitter < Kyle YES our good friend and HIOST here on [H] told me MSRP is a lie . his recent blog goes into some details BUT IN OCTOBER 2021 i was lucky...
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    Screwed by EVGA

    i registered on the EVGA website in Feb 2021 wanted an NVIDIA RTX 3060 XC gaming or a 3060 ti got a notice in mid October 2021 ordered the card and paid for it that day within 10 hours of the e mail notice .i got my 3060 XC gaming card , 4 days later with no problems other then...
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    Post the Crown Jewel of your collection

    i own one of these and no i'm not in china ..but is the pinnacle of what i own as far as a used card doubt anyone will pay me 500 bucks for that still have and own a ati 9500 PRO 128 meg card too with box / .. doubt anyone would buy it... but...
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    ati 9800 Pro 9700 pro 9500 pro .. geforce gts 256 , voodoo 5 5500 ati X 800 XL flashed to an XT and of course my old Tseng labs 2 meg PCI card that i paid a ton of cash for to upgrade the mem chips on just to play links golf with on my old 486 .. and yes i still own em all...
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    Any good games with offline bots?

    i remember having fun years ago with Urban Terror'll need quake 3 i think still dunno if its still around ..try here you used to be able to add bots as far as i can remember ...but the bots were never as good as unreal tournament also try far...
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    W10 Pro wont activate

    OEM keys are not transferable ..they are tied to the hardware you installed on you can try to call the MS toll free number and tell em your old mainboard fried
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    Kansas Wants to Unload $10 Million in Unused Computer Equipment

    and i bet its all old dell and HP computers that are worthless.. they wanna get rid of that were already outdated when they bought em ..and sill think they have value ?
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    Pennsylvania Proposes Tax on Mature Video Games Due to Violence, School Shootings

    PA has the highest gas tax in the usa PA SUX bad roads high taxes good jobs ..bad schools lots of crime and many drug problems ..i know i live there ..this is a stupid cash grab by the state house that i hope gets...
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    First new build in 11 years... Will this work?

    i think your gonna need win 10 for any CPU past the intel i 5 7600 K series// also that vid card = weak ..get at least a GTX 1050
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    RTX 2060 Specs and Info

    i agree i only paid $239 for my 6 gig GTX 1060 before the mining craze hit hard ..(around march 2017) ..the day i bought it tho ,they did not have a single GTX 1070 or 1080 in stock , at my local micro center .and they had the signs up ...... limit one GPU per customer i do hope Nvidia...
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    RTX 2060 Specs and Info

    actually the 980 ti had more pixel shader units 2816xPS 5.0 2816xVS 5.0 and 384 bit ram interface 2x1750MHz 384bit GDDR-5 i'm sure by the time it ships the GTX 1070's will drop a bit more too in price .. and i'll bet the RTX 2060 sells for at least a $300 MSRP
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    Far Cry New Dawn

    far cry 4 has a decent mod far cry 5 ....same guy made one called redemption for fc 5 get em........... try em .. me ? yep i'll buy a new far cry game..found fc 4 and 5 and even Primal to be good...
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    NVIDIA GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 417.21 Has Been Released

    im still on 388.71 every driver past that sucked on my gigabyte gtx 1060..also love a god damn vid driver is half a gig or more now
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    NVIDIA GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 417.21 Has Been Released

    nope nope nope i don't want a 2080 ti ..just a 2080 would be fine ....oh an maybe santa and jesus will buy me a i 7 7770 K to max out my Z 270 board and oc the piss out of it ..i gotta keep praying ..or hope i get a decent X mas bonus this yr and wap just got smacked in the head by the...
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    AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.12.1 Drivers Have Been Released

    why can't we get working drivers on any GPU?..oh forgot win 10 ..and those old hold outs still trying to use win 7