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    testing speed connection

    i could only pull 2MB/s from microsoft...oh well I guess
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    testing speed connection

    Won't work, too slow... I downloaded a 100MB file from cachefly and that seemed to do well but it seems as though I am capping out at 340mb/s I was hoping to get more but I am still fairly satisfied.
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    testing speed connection

    because of routing stuff I have to use this linux box...I downloaded a 100MB file from cachefly but it was stopping at 340mb/s so I was curious to see if it was the connection or cachefly
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    testing speed connection

    So I was wanting to test the speed of a connection but it doesn't have a gui so I was hoping to just use wget or something and download some very large file from somewhere...any ideas?
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    Lan 5 computers + internet?

    not that I know of but the reason you don't want to use a hub is because then all packets get sent to all ips and a switch remembers the mac address table so basically a switch is much better especially for gaming correct me if i am wrong here
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    Onboard Gigabit lan not working

    I have a DFI Lanparty SLI NF4 and it has gigabit ethernet onboard but it only operates at 100mbps Its hooked up to a gigabit switch along with other computers that are using the same wiring and they are getting gigabit connections Any Ideas?
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    6600gt 256 vs 6800

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    6600gt 256mb

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    Laptop Help!!

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    What is a good place to buy racks? I am wanting one that is like 3 feet tall. Thanks in advance
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    sound gets louder then softer

    hmm ok I wil try headphones and see what happen
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    sound gets louder then softer

    no i mean liek one song will get loud then it will get soft then loud again i dont know maybe a 8db difference maybe more
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    sound gets louder then softer

    with anything i am doing i dont notice it as bad with some thigns but playing music i notice it really bad. It will be at the right volume then get quiet then go up then back down. It is really strange. I have a DFI Infinity 3800x2, and Audigy 2 ZS Thanks in advance
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    What do you use your PDA for?

    calendar like what i have to do that day cuz i am very forgetful also class assignments
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    just changed my major > Network Systems Administration

    Yea either way I think I am gunna be pretty happy. I am thinking the BA in Business will be what I choose because I think it could lead to more things that I enjoy.