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    G3258 Successor

    Title says it all. I really enjoyed this little processor, solid performance especially when overclocked. I'm wondering if Intel will follow it up w/ a 14nm version? Or (fingers crossed even though I know this is unlikely) an unlocked i3. Thoughts?
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    $254 w/ Rebate: i5-4590, ASUS Z87-PRO, HyperX Fury 8GB

    Seems like a pretty legit deal. If I were wanting a reasonably cheap but good system this would be a great start! SuperCombo Upgrade Pack: Intel Core i5-4590 3.3GHz Haswell Quad-Core CPU, ASUS Z87-PRO (V Edition)LGA 1150 MOBO, HyperX Fury 8GB Memory...
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    Motorola Droid Turbo Thread

    Updated to 5.1, pretty happy with it so far. My screen does seem to like dimming itself now though, which I find somewhat odd. Glad to finally have a hotkey for rotation lock. Something else that's a little weird, Orbot doesn't seem to work properly anymore.
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    Most Lightweight Android ROM

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    Most Lightweight Android ROM

    Hey Everyone, I'm trying to breath new life back into a couple of old Android phones I have (DroidX and Galaxy Nexus), and finally delving into rooting, custom ROMs, etc... Does anyone know what the most lightweight ROM would be? Or perhaps ROM that is has lowest minimum hardware...
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    980 Ti

    If the $649 rumor is correct, 980 ti on step up here I come!!
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    Witcher 3 bad graphics?

    Nothing bad to report here. Games looks crispy and beautiful. Probably my best looking game.
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    Analysts Claim AMD Will Be Bankrupt by 2020

    Okay... I hope people don't attack too ferociously, but here it goes. I completely agree with competition being a good and necessary thing. And as a consumer, naturally the more choices and options the better. BUT... What would happen if in a parallel universe, Nvidia bought AMD? Wouldn't we...
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    Texture Pop In

    Wow! You're getting that too with SLI 970's??? That's crazy I guess that's what people mean when they say Ubisoft games are terribly optimized
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    Texture Pop In

    Yeah, its still certainly playable and everything, but sometimes it is distracting. Just breaks immersion a little bit.
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    Texture Pop In

    I'll have to double check this, but I think about 1.2GB. Will verify though.
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    Texture Pop In

    Is that still what you're running in your system? What GPU do you have?
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    Texture Pop In

    Already on it, got 16GB of Hyperx Fury 1866MHZ coming in tomorrow. Very true :(:( Shame I even entertained this setup for any time. Thanks for the insight. I am still newish to building and PC gaming, so diagnosing issues or even properly describing what's happening can be a little...
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    Texture Pop In

    Firstly, I sincerely apologize if this is not the right place to post/ask this. If its not I'll move it as necessary. Anyway, just got Far Cry 4 and have been playing it. The game is awesome so far, but I am noticing dramatically what I am guessing is some weird texture pop in. A texture for...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    That awkward moment when you realize you've still been looking at April... :confused::( Shit, lol