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    Bitcasa (unlimited storage) invites

    yea forgot to mention that. truecrypt. they use de-duplication so they are obviously looking at your data.
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    Bitcasa (unlimited storage) invites review against dropbox yea as far as I know and see it is unlimited. also the referal thing says nothing next to it except "Stay tuned for upcoming offers". I've been loving this service for awhile. Have tried google drive (still...
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    Bitcasa (unlimited storage) invites

    I do not know of any pay structure (there might be, I have been free) but it is a bit nicer as it is very integrated into the OS. It has a few options like sync, "bottomless folder", etc. Plus the portal is pretty slick. I found dropbox to be annyoing but I still keep it as a "junk file" repo...
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    Bitcasa (unlimited storage) invites

    I got invites to bitcasa.
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    19.5v power supply to replace and original 19v one...bad idea?

    i would rig up a series of 24 9v batteries. It would be pro
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    SandyBridge for the 1366 socket?

    i just jumped into the i7 (both a 1156 and 1366) just at the beginning of this year. It is awesome and takes everything I throw at it. btw i upgraded from a 478 socket was the most insane upgrade i have ever had... (everything in my sig is from the last 8 months! i had a mega...
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    Post your workstations 2011

    only pic for now till i get my real camera back...its a nice upgrade
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    Learning Linux

    like others have to find purpose to find problems which lead to knowledge. Setup VirtualBox Create a gentoo system make it a desktop with a full GUI enviroment then make another gentoo system make it into a full LAMP server..hell add some SQL then try out...
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    6.5 gig Prosser For Sale

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    highly highly doubt it. Most hardcore audiophiles (the people who purchase such a thing) would rather have a dedicated tube pre-amp and a DAC. Check out and see what I mean.
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    [H] New Year's Resolutions

    < insert screen resolution joke > loose all my 60 pounds i gained this year stop smoking
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    Killed Ubuntu 10.10 HELP!!@!

    ok ok...i think i can help here. 1) get a ubuntu CD and live boot 2) once in mount (i think it automounts your "C:" drive) 3) open a terminal (get comfortable with this if you want to use linux) 4) go into your xorg config file (google for location)(I think its /home/*user*/.xorg.config 5)...
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    Post your workstations 2011

    With me moving in on January 1st, I thought it was necessary to post up my new workstation. Pics uploaded in a bit!
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    Skype CEO Apologizes and Offers Credit Vouchers

    I would seriously look at another job if that was ever mentioned to that point it seems that your are seriously under appreciated for what your job function is (assuming it's not to look good with those dashing blue socks). I am so glad I have a very very relaxed work attire for the main...
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    Free Google Netbook! (cr-48) check it out!