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    [H]OT - EVGA GTX660 FTW $99 & Gigabyte HD7870 GHz $79 at Fry's (In-Store)

    There are 2 stores in the US that have it in stock...
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    280 GTX vs 4870 for F1 2011?

    This is actually for my college pc, so I'm only running an Antec Basiq 430W.
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    280 GTX vs 4870 for F1 2011?

    Thanks for the help! I'd be paying about $80 for the 280 or $70 for the 4870, but I just realized I'd also need a new psu to accommodate the load. Would it be better to by something like a 4850 until I can afford a 68x0?
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    280 GTX vs 4870 for F1 2011?

    I'm currently running an old 8800GTS 320MB that just isn't cutting it with F1 2011. I've been thinking about upgrading, but I have a really limited budget so an older card is all that I can fit in. From what I've found, the 280 and the 4870 seem to still be somewhat competitive. Will either of...
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    Bose Endows Company to MIT

    The only reason why you would implement active equalization is to correct inherent flaws in a speaker's frequency response. So what you're saying is first you need to overpay for a poorly designed speaker, then you need to pay even more for a system to correct the poorly designed speaker. If...
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    How Come Bose Never Comes Up?

    Take a look at the full-size Audio Technica noise cancelling sets as well, they sound great and offer better value for money over the PXC350/450 (Though if you have the cash, the Senns are obviously the better performer). In terms of passive vs active, active noise cancellation actually works...
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    How Come Bose Never Comes Up?

    Not the same form you want to pay $200 for tiny satellites and a mid-woofer? There's a reason why Bose doesn't publish frequency response (Aside from the fact that their audience wouldn't know what to make of it anyway). Regardless, if you're space constrained you wouldn't exactly...
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    [H]OT - Hitachi Deskstar 2 TB 3.5-Inch CoolSpin RPM SATA III 6Gbps$69.99 (Dead Deal)

    Looking for a 2TB and the price is right but won't touch Hitachi, had a 1TB set itself on fire and brick. Hopefully a Samsung or WD will hit this price again soon.
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    Nook Color $200.00 Ebay daily deals

    Having trouble finding solid information on this, does the Nook Color support AVI files yet?
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    Mercedes Delivers Its First F-Cell Vehicle

    If you're going to dump on a car, at least do it properly. It looks nothing like a Prius. It's an A-class, which looks like a turd beaten with an ugly stick, but it's a car that has looked pretty much the same since 1997. The amount of information, or lack thereof, about hydrogen fuel...
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    Has anyone ever ordered from before? They have some good deals on fans but I've never heard of them before. I usually just order from Jabtech but they're significantly cheaper.
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    Free Invites for RevTT

    Doh, yeah I missed the part about what was the name the enabler gave it. :o
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    Free Invites for RevTT

    I don't get it. Glamourous Glennis was the nickname, the aircraft's actual name was the X-1. And the first supersonic project was indeed the Miles M.52, the information gathered from that cancelled program led to the X-1.
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    Free Invites for RevTT

    I don't think he's asking who broke the sound barrier first, but rather who was in charge of the program that first attempted to break the sound barrier.
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    Free Invites for RevTT

    No clue. Hugh Dryden/Col Albert Boyd, Bell X-1? Edit: If it's the X1 project, NASA seems to say Maj. Robert Cardenas? This is a tough one!