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    Aggressive Design Caused Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Explosions

    It is a typical consumer economy....race to release new product SKUs every 6 months-1 year, to get people to buy the latest and greatest....and then act surprised that your R&D costs are so high. And then not maintain them-because who has the money for software support on the 500 phones Samsung...
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    Aggressive Design Caused Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Explosions

    Or reviewers. People go nuts over 1mm. You saw it with the LG v20 this fall. "ZOMG IT IS SO BIG YOU CANNOT HOLD IT!"...when IRL it was only 1-2mm at most different in chassis size than iPhone 7+ and Note....didn't stop people from whining about how gigantic it was.
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    Dishonored 2

    Game running great so far with settings cranked in 4K on my single 980 overclocked. Very much a fan. It's been a very long time since a game had me this hooked from the get go. KB/M controls take a bit to get used to, but oh well.
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    Dishonored 2

    WTF was waiting for a sale on this....And Steam puts D2 up for $40USD today? 33% off sure beats retail.
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    Foxconn Manager Stole 5,700 iPhones

    Uh Steve.... this is actually VERY VERY COMMON. These were not retail handsets, these were testing units. They were never going to retail shelves and tracked, they were going to the scrap is actually very surprising these guys were caught and are being prosecuted. Go on eBay right...
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    Android: What's a good replacement for ES File Explorer?

    I didn't know SE did it....but on Amazon's appstore they track handset logins as unique instances. So if you flash lots of ROMs and set them up with Amazon, you can end up with 10 or 50 of the same phone being called a "new" handset...and some apps do put a limit on Amazon's store of allowed...
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    What feature phone brand do you know Except Nokia and Samsung?

    What is a "feature phone"? Where do you draw the line? They all do pretty much all the same stuff....differences experienced by users boil down to implementation (same SoC, often same camera sensors, displays etc.) -For a while HTC was doing 3D displays no one else was. As well as better...
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    Soundblaster Z - "noisy" outputs (in particular Speaker out), any ideas?

    This...although it depends on what kind of noise we're talking Depends on what you're dealing with and what you're doing. Apple iPods, iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, and powerbooks for over a decade have universally had bad ground soldering of the headphone jacks. Which was especially apparent...
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    Intel and Amazon Unveil Smart Home Technology

    Hopefully this crap can go the way of other future tech crazes hawked by these people (gimmicks) 3D TVs, "wearables", and so on. Quickly.
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    Best Sprint phone display for use in the sun?

    v20 is brighter than g5. Manual brightness: 300 vs 475 nits, Auto brightness: 378 vs 630 nits
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    Best Sprint phone display for use in the sun?

    I'd give a looky at the LG v20 if you're not prejudiced against LG (some folks are for some admittedly valid reasons). And you keep your removable battery and SD card. And it is on Sprint. Working roofs...I presume your phones wear Otterboxes, which do cut down on the screen brightness a bit
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    almost gone $250 34" 2560x1080 75hz free sync LG monitor

    Yea instead of being ZOMG stretched....your DVD video is tiny and adorable on your gigantic monitor.
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    iPhone 8 to Feature All-Glass Casing

    Because everyone loves a bar of soap in their hand
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    Reddit CEO Confesses To Editing Comments That Insulted Him

    Forum owners do like playing passive aggressive or active aggressive sometimes. Nothing new.