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    Storage Spaces causing BSODs. USB issue? Failing drive? Something else?

    I have two 3TB 2.5 inch USB drives, one Toshiba one WD, which I have configured as a mirrored Storage Space. It is formatted with REFS, and I have integrity checking and Bitlocker enabled on the Storage Space. I use the Storage Space with two desktops, both of which use Asus M5A97 R2.0...
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    External HDD Drive not recognized only by windows- weird

    Do you get a "volume cannot be repaired" or "the parameter is incorrect" message when trying to access the drive? I don't know a fix, just curious as I have had those errors with my portable drive recently.
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    ReFS drive suddenly won't mount

    I didn't have an issue with the drive dropping out when used with my desktops. I did have such issue with my previous drive, but just before I got the new one I discovered long, flexible USB 3 cables and how they don't drop out as much as short, stiff ones. Where I still encountered drop outs...
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    ReFS drive suddenly won't mount

    Hello, I regularly use different PCs in different locations, so I carry my data on a 3TB WD Passport Ultra. Due to issues with occassional bad sectors and file corruption on a previous USB portable, I decided to format it as ReFS and use integrity checking. It's been great - having the drive...
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    Trying to get decent colors and brightness from Samsung S27F350

    Hello, So I was meaning to replace my 2007 LG TN panel 22 inch for a while and while my budget has been limited, I finally decided to pull the trigger and grabbed a Samsung S27F350 on Black Friday as it was cheaper than other Canadian deals on IPS/PLS panels and included Freesync. The viewing...
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    Preventing bitrot on USB drives in Windows (ReFS?)

    So it took me a while to get around to testing things, but I got a single drive formatted in ReFS (it can be done on Windows 10 using a registry hack) and tested it's performance. For the most part performance is fine even with checksums and bitlocker enabled, probably faster than the 1.5TB...
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    Preventing bitrot on USB drives in Windows (ReFS?)

    Thanks for the reply. I do have a couple followup questions. 1) How hard is it to check for read errors - I have a bit of experience using command lines but not a lot - and how long does it take? 2) How bad is the performance hit with checksums? Would I still be able to use it to store my main...
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    Preventing bitrot on USB drives in Windows (ReFS?)

    Since the PCs were in different locations my routine was to power down the PC and then unplug the drive for transport. Should have the same effect. I do have to make one correction though: in the original post I said the drive's sectors showed up fine when scanned. On further reflection, I...
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    Preventing bitrot on USB drives in Windows (ReFS?)

    I did have trouble with the drive dropping offline due to worn connectors at one point but the corruption issues showed up well before that - and sometimes the corruption would be in a single file that I had added months ago, worked when I initially added it to the drive and hadn't been opened...
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    Preventing bitrot on USB drives in Windows (ReFS?)

    Hello, So for the past five years I have been using a 1.5TB USB drive to transport files between two PCs I have in different locations. Usually this worked pretty well but on a couple occassions I tried to open a file only to find it was corrupt. I never figured out what was causing the...
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    Esata controller (SIL 3132) causing system to hang?

    Hello, Back around 2010 I bought a Silicon Image SIL 3132 based eSata card and four Rosewill eSATA/USB 2.0 enclosures. I've used them along with some WD Green 2TB and 3TB drives for years in order to back up my data. The card is installed in a system that uses an Asus M2N-e motherboard...
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    Contrast ratios on various IPS displays and image editting

    So recently I loaded some photos I had edited onto a friends 15 inch Macbook Pro Retina and it was immediately apparent that my brush work, which I thought was pretty good, wasn't, with very obvious edges. It was like the MBPr image had more contrast and that made every error I made in the...
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    What size of file transfer triggers write speed drops on Seagate Archive drives?

    I'm not happy about entrusting so much data to new tech either, but then I think about it and realize that it's not like most PMR designs have that long a track record either because they keep upping the areal density. That, and they market these drives to enterprises (ie. people who would...
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    What size of file transfer triggers write speed drops on Seagate Archive drives?

    Hello, So I've been looking at the 8TB Seagate Archive drives because I need some big, cheap storage for photos and video, and I was noticing that many reviewers found the write speed would eventually drop to 30MB/s or so during long, sustained file transfers. Can anyone here give me a clear...
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    Are portable drives prone to corruption?

    Seagate's tools show it being fine and the corruption issues actually haven't occurred in the last few months - but before that I had frequent issues with it across both computers spanning 1-2 years. I transport the drive between my place near campus and my parent's house in a different part...