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    (XFX) R7 240 at 120hz DVI-D?

    it's not working. will my LG W2363D play with this?
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    HiVi USA via ! 3 sets of 2.1 offerings by Swans/HiVi. I came across the speakers on the webz earlier today and found them intriguing. That said, nearly everywhere i looked said that they don't ship the particular model i was looking at, the...
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    dual band router (w or w/o ddrwt) or build my own and run ipfire? this is my network topology, using e2500 for dualband. everything is very nimble
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    Firewall Replacement

    i certainly understand in that type of situation, but i think it's safe to assume there's probably an exponentially larger amount of businesses making dramatically less than that in daily transactions. and those are probably going to be the businesses that have to ask what firewall they should...
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    Firewall Replacement

    i'd think a couple lunix classes would be cheaper :p top tier shit makes me think of apple fanboiz, only their cpus are RISC based [edit] Cisco ASA seems decent, the 5585 only msrp's for $30,000; holy crap
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    Post your Smoothie/ipcop/etc. specs

    late to the thread; my firewall! it's normally buried behind junk, so i had forgotten the specs til i looked at it again. sitting on my nightstand [edit]...
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    Firewall Replacement

    why? 'homebrew' will get the most out of the link itself. and if you want hardcore deep packet inspection, it'll cost like $10,000+ to do what it costs a $50-100 'homebrew' solution, especially on fast links.
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    Firewall Replacement

    Buy a shitty prebuilt p3/p4, stick 2 dedicated network cards in it, install fedora, masq interfaces, install dnsmasq, be amazed. I've done this using a 700mhz p3 and a 1ghz p4. Both worked equally awesomely with 50mbit [edit] something slightly more powerful might be needed for your filtering...
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    dual band router (w or w/o ddrwt) or build my own and run ipfire?

    Hey, I say build your own firewall! Mine is using an ancient 1ghz p4 with 768mb ram and 2 gigabit cards. Even with just a 15mbit cable connection, my upper limits went from ~14mbit to ~17mbit, and with zero fluxuation no matter how hard I slam the connection. I can max downstream to a ramdisk...
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    Am I stupid, or is my router broken?

    how's the performance directly connected to the router over a wire, rather than the modem?
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    Audiophiles: Power conditioning?

    I think I will invest in a unit with 'AVR' at some point, seems worth having when comparing a lot of audio equipment. as far as the ferrite cores are concerned, stripka mentioned placing them at the source of the interference. if the source were a fridge, would this mean it's better to place...
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    Audiophiles: Power conditioning?

    say you hear a slight hiss with no audio playing and popping noises when appliances around the house are turning on and off. with 'perfect' audio equipment, would the hiss be alleviated by a standard surge protector or ups and popping noises mean needing better cabling? 'Blindedbyscience', in...
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    Audiophiles: Power conditioning?

    alright, say you are noticing 'something' in your audio and you have everything plugged directly into wall sockets. in my setup, my headphones have high impedance, so i'm using a small amplifier. on a household scale, what's the most cost-effective way to make sure you're getting 'clean power'...
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    Audiophiles: Power conditioning?

    thanks. i lived somewhere that got regular brownouts, which lead to my finally buying a UPS. I personally have never experienced unusual 'hiss' or whatnot from my audio equipment, at least with the surge protectors and UPS i am using, but i'm in a pretty small house now with very recent...
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    single platter HDD recommendations?

    Very interesting, thank you