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    Cannot connect to printer in a seperate subnet but same domain.

    You can shut printers switch port off also.
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    Cannot connect to printer in a seperate subnet but same domain.

    If you unplug the printer from network. Does the ping respond from PC on separate subnet?
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    Cannot connect to printer in a seperate subnet but same domain.

    Is gateway configured on the printer?
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    IPS/IDS behind Double NAT

    Can you turn LLDP off on UDM?
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    VPN that appears like a private home internet?

    I'll get a second internet connection and sell you VPN service like you described. Choices are comcast and AT&T. Cost is $350 a month.
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    Mixed physical servers in cluster?

    Divide the intel and AMD CPUs servers into separate clusters if you have minimum of 3 servers per a cluster. You may be able to turn on EVC mode and present shared storage to both clusters and try a migration?
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    Get a second router for a NAS setup?

    VPN with two factor authentication. If VPN doesn't offer it, NAS unit might if you go with Synology or QNAP NAS.
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    Dell will not ship Gaming PCs to these states

    Think you need to look at the political parties that run the states listed ;) That may be why Texas isn't on the list.
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    match default rule, drop

    3389 is default RDP port. I'd recommend changing the server you connect to a different port for RDP.
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    need some ubiquiti guidance PTP wireless bridge network

    A list of the hardware devices you have would be useful. Also are you using a cloudkey? see below link. In the link under related articles, it'll tell you how to use new network/vlan with wifi. I've...
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    Troubleshooting TFTP/PXE with WDS VM and MoFi Network MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-V3 OpenWrt router

    Did you confirm same nic (vm net 3 or E1000) is being used between running Vm and blank ones?
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    How do I recieve a email if my Synology NAS has 80 % to 90% cpu usage ?

    Enable email notifications, Capacity alert settings System Center >System>Notifications<advanced<Internal Storage
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    Help troubleshoot 10gb nic slowness

    Try different port on the switch.
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    DDNS worth setting up ? With Synology NAS