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    Unable to Attach Virtual Disk - Server 2k12r2 Storage Spaces

    Trying to import the Pool and Disk was actually on my list of things to try. I'll give that a go today and see what happens. I really don't want to have to try and recreate all this damn data. (Once everything is settled, I'll be transferring everything to a new machine with hardware RAID...
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    Unable to Attach Virtual Disk - Server 2k12r2 Storage Spaces

    Logs are actually reporting a whole lot of nothing in regards to storage, which makes it even more discouraging.. Edit: If I try to connect the virtual disk from PowerShell I get a little bit of verbiage but nothing that helps me in searches "Connect-VirtualDisk : Failed At line:1 char:1 +...
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    Unable to Attach Virtual Disk - Server 2k12r2 Storage Spaces

    After a rather brutal storm here in Central Florida, I had my primary data server/media server shutdown rather ungracefully due to power loss after the UPS battery dwindled. When I got home, I powered everything up as per the usual and noticed that my storage pool virtual disk did not mount...
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    Cost Effective Liquid Cooling Advice

    My buddy is putting together a PC with an socket 1150 i7 and 2 280x graphics cards. He's wanting to water cool, as keeping his GPUs cool has always been a problem. I put together a few systems in my day but it's been a long time since Ive done one and am not familiar with what's out...
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    Do I really need antivirus programs running?

    If this is how you feel, please go ahead and post online banking info on this thread. we're all friends, right?
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    Do I really need antivirus programs running?

    Reading this thread makes me feel like having a UTM at the edge of my network and AV on all my machines (including OSX), is much overkill. Anyone want to purchase a SonicWALL TZ215, it's obviously not needed if I'm smart.
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    Corporate Messenger

    Openfire, or as mentioned, look at MS Lync.
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    PopCon Exchange Pop Connector

    We are currently in the proposal stage of a new environment that is going from SBS 2003 to DC-RDS-App-Exchange server setup. The client needs pop-connectors for their Exchange as they are a franchised partner and need to have their emails come in from their home office. I've found multiple...
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    What's your SSID?

    I'd be upset if the RIAA was getting involved in suits about Movies
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    WiFi Router with Content Filtering

    Depending on how large of an operation this is, you might also want to look into a true UTM appliance to deploy at the remote sites to do filtering...
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    Cheapest Place For Windows 7

    Do you just need install media, or do you need a license as well?
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    Exchange Environment Recommendation

    $500 eh, so you're valueing yourself at under $35/hr for this? Sounds like a steal, but no thanks,we got this handled.
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    Exchange Environment Recommendation

    Email encryption is all done through a ZIXMail appliance onsite. Encryption on the fly by keywords. Really nice appliance.
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    Exchange Environment Recommendation

    I assure you, this is not something I, or anyone else in my office plan on taking on alone. We're looking into other consultants that could assist in the project. I was tasked with specing out hardware for the prelim quote.