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    alternative to disk2vhd?

    One more vote for StarWind V2V. I have done multiple successful P2V conversions. Following article was helpful
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    Is a 128 GB SSD still large enough for Windows 10 in 2019?

    128GB SSDs is still enough for Windows to work. I have never utilized that amount of space. As for RAID, you should be able to configure it during boot entering configuration menu.
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    Is there an issue with my SSD?

    Totally agree that you should check the smart of the drive first. Smart should show you if the drive has any issues. In addition, you can try to boot from Live USB and check the SSD.
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    upgrading hard drives and partition questions

    Hi, If I understand you right, you want to use your old 1TB drive to backup data from new 2TB. Yes, it would be possible, to partition it that way (if it is needed). You can avoid it using some kind of a backup solution. However, the amount of space on an old drive would be an issue here.
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    Starwind VSA HA

    Why did you ended up choosing StarWind? I am building a homelab and deciding what software-defined storage choose for 2-3 hosts.
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    ZFS: RAID-Z3 (raidz3) Recommended Drive Configuration

    I would agree. I usually prefer RAID10 with proper backups over Z3. Performance wise it is much more important for me.
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    Samsung SM961 256gb Nvme M.2 drive

    Interesting number. I should get one myself for testing purposes.
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    Asus RMA- what on earth

    I've had multiple cases open with Asus RMA about 4 years ago and never had such weird answers. Meh, support went wrong direction. I would agree that contacting their social channels should help you getting a RMA request fulfilled.
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    Logitech Slim Folio - Delay/lag in typing.

    You can try using third party keyboards for iOS, I've heard that they could work better. If it doesn't help, contact Apple support
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    Scythe Kotetsu Mark 2 vs. Arctic Freezer 33 Plus for 2600 OC

    Totally agree with LigTasm. The Scythe is much better than the Arctic because of the heatsink. The two fans will not cover the difference between the heatsink.
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    local vs iscsi

    I have a Hyper-V cluster in my lab. For a shared storage I am utilizing StarWind VSAN over iSCSI. Local storage is RAID10 HDDs. Each server has dual port 10GbE card for cluster and iSCSI traffic great performing and stable setup. Depending on your NAS (and its iSCSI stack) you can play with it...
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    Intel 900p Optane ...WOW

    I've been benchmarking couple 900p Optanes recently. The performance is incredible. ~500k 4k random writes with 32 depth. It is really great and I will use one of those in my system :)
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    SSD in a NAS ?

    It depends on what to store and what you are working with. I am using HDD drives in my NAS, since it for backups and media. As for my VM server, I am using SSDs for better performance.
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    SSD upgrade time

    Getting a 1 TB (or more SSD) would be the best choice. Moreover, it would be more cost effective comparing to getting 2x500GB drives.
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    Broadcom/Avago/LSI MegaRAID, possible to remove physical disk then rebuild?

    You can replace disk 1, for example, wait for the rebuild and then proceed with the next one. Repeating this, you will recieve RAID6 array with 8TB drives, but with old usable capacity (cause the controller will be using only half of the capacity of your drives). I would recommend you create...